Sanjay Shah Interviews Entrepreneurs

Sanjay Shah, a man who has shown a lot of creativity in his career as well as a lot of care for fellow humans, has went on an interview with Eric Dye on Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. He has talked about many different topics including what led him to be an entrepreneur, and his funding for autism research. There are many advantages to being an entrepreneur. For one thing, entrepreneurs get to experience freedom in their choice of work. They get to set their hours and their wages. Many entrepreneurial opportunities offer limitless earning potential somewhere down the line. People for the most part need to have certain skills in marketing.

Sanjay Shah is definitely a skilled marketer as well as manager of finances. He runs his own investment firm where he deals with investments. His company, Solo Capital has proven to be very successful. While he ran his business, he has also sponsored children. His efforts were general until he found out that his son had autism. He then started looking for ways to help fund research for better treatments with autism. Among the things he does in order to fund autism research is run concerts with his charity, Autism Rocks.

Early on in his career, Sanjay has studied medicine with the hopes of becoming a doctor. However, he found that he was a better match for the financial industry. He worked for a few banks. Afterwards, he branched out in order to start his own bank. He enjoys the freedom that he gets from running his own firm as opposed to working for another firm. He does not miss working 9 to 5 in an office. He also does not miss the commute to work. He enjoys greater freedom and more time with his family.

His concerts is one of the latest achievements of his. He got the idea of hosting concerts when he met with Snoop Dogg. The whole family has enjoyed their time with Snoop Dogg and has looked for ways to bring forth more artists that will put on a good show. Each artist gets to meet the family as well. Sanjay Shah continues to show creativity and an ability to take care of his family.


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Secure Mobile App for Easier Saving and Connecting to Loved Ones

Securus Technologies has recently released a new application that offers User-friendly with a podium for Android and iPhones products users. Securus Technologies are leading in the provision of safety technology solutions enabling user improvement and monitoring, an invention that is suitable for mobile Apps, especially for video inmate calls. The New App for Android users has been received warmly by having approximately 60,000 downloads for less than Six Months according to from inception into the Public. The Apple users have recorded 5,000 times downloads for one week after it was released into public domain.


According to a statement released on Linked In by Russell Roberts, the Vice President in the Department Marketing and Strategy points out that the Apps has video Apps “Securus” a feature that presents users with different ways to Serve and Connect. The Mobile App allows the user to accommodate their loved ones within the phones calls or be invited to participate in the conversation. The platform Prompted Secure Technologies to invest massively in offering users with more features while using the Apps that lessens the ambiguities of Jails and Prisons.


Securus Technologies being leading host for criminal justice technology solutions makes sure the App gives room to entertain more people in the video calling. The Apps acts as a reminder to visiting schedules and important events for inmates like celebrating birthdays together and involving them in significant activities happening at home. Accessing the App in Google play is free.


Secure Technologies has a global presence by accommodating 1.2 Million inmates across North America offering cutting edge technological solutions to the end users. Compliance Officers and other law enforcements units relay on Secure Technologies for its security and simplicity. It has dedicated staff and committed in duty by offering emergency and instances management. Secure Technology is based in Dallas, Texas and covers approximately 3400 Correction agencies and Civic safety.

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New CEO to lead Holland-Based Manufacturer Company to Home Organization Market.

Dick DeVos is the President at The Windquest Group and also the Chairman of The Stow Company, which is an affiliate of Windquest Group. Dick established The Stow Company 30 years ago with an ambition to manufacture a comprehensive collection of home organization Solution. Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos for over thirty years and lives in Grand Rapids in Michigan. The couple is Visionary entrepreneurs and takes passion in political activism in education and work related issues.

Their Philanthropy started when they established a foundation that helped to act as Facilitator for affiliate firms that hosts different communities both local and across the globe to ensure development and Sustainability. Apart from being the chair of Stow Company, Dick serves on the Board of Grand Action known for steering in the revitalization downtown of Grand Rapids. Also, he participates in the Chairing of RDV Corporation, Spectrum Health System, and Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Dick DeVos is a Board Member of Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and The Aviation Academy. Being in the management of Aviation Academy was triggered by his experience as a qualified Jet aircraft and helicopter Pilot, who won National Champion sailor twice. He is highly professional having graduated from Harvard and Northwood University and received an Honorary Degree from Wharton Executive Study Programs. Both Dick and his Wife are active involved in the management of Windquest Group to together with their four children.

Dick DeVos appointed new CEO of The Stow Company to lead the Holland-based manufacturing that deals with Consumer goods. Mr. Phil Dolci Came following the retirement of Frank Newman aged 67 who is leaving the Company. Mr. Dolci is expected to lead the Company in Continued growth strategy by bringing his expertise of over 23 years of experience. Dick is expecting Phil to lead the Company in acquiring new markets and strengthen the presence of home organization Market.

Before resuming his new appointment, Phil served as the CEO of Crosman Corporation and managerial position at several companies like ConAgra Foods, Dean Foods, and Kraft Foods. Dolci graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Chicago and a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration from Kellogg School of Management

Recently The Stow Company has extended their service under the new ownership of Windquest group, headed by Dick DeVos by specializing in designing addition innovations and manufacturing of home organization and storage facilities. Stow product line is from a different brand that includes ORG Home, Easy Close and Easy Track, and Wine Cellars. The Company employs around 280 employees in their manufacturing facility at Holland.

Venezuelans In Need of Medicine and Food

The people of Caracas, Venezuela should be celebrating. Instead according to Corporation Wiki, the people are in need of food and medicine.
Nearly all workers in Venezuela were able to take the day off for Worker’s Day. The government also gave employed citizens a 30% raise in minimum wage. Television stations in Venezuela are also broadcasting people marching in the city of Caracas, holding signs to support the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro. However, the pay raise isn’t completely a good thing.

The International Monetary Fund asserts that inflation in Venezuela will likely increase by 481% this year alone, and will increase 1,642% next year. So, in just a few weeks, the raise in pay won’t mean much to workers in Venezuela. That’s why on May Day, which is the yearly holiday that celebrates the working public in Venezuela, citizens like Norka are a bit nervous.

When it comes to Venezuela’s plan to provide its citizens with more food, the country’s officials have said that it plans to give citizens access to food that is price-controlled. This means the food won’t cost as much as it would in a private grocery store.


Better Reputation Helps Businesses Manage Online Perception

No matter what business you are in, your reputation is your most valuable asset. As social media and review sites continue to grow it is imperative that you continually monitor your online reputation.

Every business will have and unhappy customer at some point. It has always been that way. What is new is the fact that one unhappy customer can now go on the Internet and express their dissatisfaction with your business and reach, potentially, millions of people.

A bad review on a site like Yelp can hurt a local business and cost it much needed revenue. Any business which has had negative reviews or comments posted about them on social media or elsewhere can benefit from the services and online reputation management (ORM) agency.

These agencies will help your business develop a content marketing strategy that will help build a positive reputation for your business. They will organize your business blog and create content that can be shared on social media.

Better Reputation is an ORM agency that has proved itself to be a leader in online reputation management. By working closely with their clients they can develop and ORM plan specifically tailored to their needs. Choosing the right ORM agency can be the difference between success and failure.

Social media is another area where an ORM agency can help revitalize your reputation. They will go through your social media profiles and remove any posts or photos that may be inappropriate or not consistent with your brand.

When choosing an ORM agency start with the results you want first. Do you need to clean up your social media presence? Do you want to deal with some negative reviews? Each business will have different needs and challenges. Decide on your most pressing need first.

It goes without saying that you should check their reputation as well. What are past clients saying about them? You are paying for results so you want to make sure they can deliver.