Quality Food for Dogs Is Here to Stay

Large pet food companies have been spending a majority of their budget on producing all-natural versions of their products. Purina has recently introduced the Beneful, a line of dog food that is specially formulated to give dogs healthy, strong teeth and a shiny coat. Purina also recently purchased Merrick Pet Care, which is the first company to produce wet and dry dog food that is certified organic. Merrick also has a Backcountry line that features all-natural, delectable meals like Pacific Catch and Game Bird.

There’s a market for older dogs when it comes to pet food as well. Purina has a Beneful Bright Minds line, which includes medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. MCTs are fats that come from coconut oil, and are easier for senior dogs to metabolize. This provides dog with more energy to be active, and could lead to weight loss. Purina also has snacks from the Beneful line that includes treats made from bacon, beef and peanut butter, and a website that allows owners to customize their dog’s food.

Freshpet is also making its market in the dog food market with refrigerated meals for dogs. All of the products from the Freshpet brand are sold in display cases in the frozen section, and are available in arond 15,00 stores, such as Whole Foods Markets, Target and Wal-Mart.

Owners who want to feed their dogs a Paleo diet may want to try the Vital Raw line. Vital Raw has ingredients that are similar to what wolves (the ancestors of dogs) ate on a regular basis. Raw beef and chicken mixed with probiotics for digestion and ingredients like kale and sweet potatoes are often included in Vital Raw products.

It’s clear that the trend of feeding dogs foods that are fit for human consumption is here to stay. A number of pet owners feel much better about giving their dogs these natural foods. The pet food industry has grown by millions since 2009 due to the gourmet dog food trend as well.




White Shark Media Complaints Review

We have always enjoyed hearing from our clients over the years. We’ve had many compliments, but also our fair share of complaints. We want our customers to understand that we at White Shark Media take your complaints very seriously and will do our best to improve in the areas that you have commented on. The following are a few typical complaints we have been contacted about.

Some clients have complained that they have lost touch when it comes to their AdWords Campaigns. This is essential to us to fix. From now on, we want to be certain that every customer of ours knows everything there is about their campaign. When you are aware of every aspect of your campaign you will understand exactly what to look for when looking for a specific keyword or ad.

Communication is another problem we are working on. Many clients felt like they were not able to get in touch with their contact person easily enough. In the future, we will be scheduling monthly calls with a program called GoToMeeting. Both the client and SEM Strategist will be able to review a copy of the monthly report together while sharing a screen on the GoToMeeting online conference tool. We are also implementing a new phone system that will enable the client to get in touch with their contact person immediately, instead of going through countless phone calls.

Clients have informed us that their older campaigns perform much better than the newer “optimized” ones. This is something we want to make sure is taken care of. In order to do so we will use as much as possible of an existing, well-performing campaign that you already have in operation. We will also see to it that all of our strategists are matched up with a supervisor who can be counted on to provide the feedback and support that is needed throughout any campaign.

We have also been told that our clients would love it if we offered SEO services. While we have not gotten to do so just yet, we will make sure that you are getting the most out of your own personal SEO service. Your SEM Strategist will happily look over any material that you send over.

We have heard that your contact person was not very in tune with what you needed after you initially signed up. To remedy that we are now having our Senior SEM consultants track the process of every single client, from start-up to the optimization process. They will be available for any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

We have also been told that you do not like that a large part of your business is handled through phone calls. We have partnered up with Marchex in order to utilize their call tracking. This is included in all AdWords management’s plans at no cost.

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Lake Tahoe’s Luck Is Finally Turning Around With A Strengthening In Tourism

A recent article in the Reno-Gazette Journal highlighted some of the problems Lake Tahoe has been having and how these problems have had an impact on tourism. The problems Lake Tahoe has been facing have been going on for a few years now, and the problems have also impacted the communities on the north shore. There was a major drought, which hit the winter resorts especially hard, and the impact on the winter resorts trickled down to the businesses depending on them for tourism sales. There was also a sizable political challenge. An incorporation squabble over the gorgeous Olympic Valley, which is home to Squaw Valley Resort and beautiful winter landscapes has taken a toll on the area as well.

Things have turned around for the area after a difficult four years. The winds of change have blown in quite literally. There have been some impressive storms in the early season and unseasonably frigid temperatures. The winter storms and cold temps have allowed many area resorts to open up early in the season. In fact, the resorts have been able to open up weeks early. This fortunate turn of events have helped many notable lodges like the Squaw Valley Resort. Another reprieve from the area’s bad luck came in the form of backers withdrawing from their quest to incorporate the area. Many well known business owners in the area like Andy Wirth were able to breathe a sigh of relief because incorporation would have been a disaster for the political and civic climate.

Andy Wirth is the the owner of Squaw Valley Resort, and he has his roots firmly planted in the Lake Tahoe area. He has been an active voice against the incorporation of the area, and he’s been vocal about Lake Tahoe and the incorporation on many forums including the Reno-Gazette Journal article summarized above. He’s passionate about his home among other things.

Aside from his endless pursuit to make his ski resort and Lake Tahoe one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, Andy Wirth is also a philanthropist. He dedicates his time to improving the community and the environment for Lake Tahoe. He believes it is important to preserve and nurture the area overall for the young and old alike. Another passion of his includes giving aid to wounded warriors, especially Navy Seals injured in battle. He was inspired by this after his near-death skydiving accident.

Solo Capital from London to Dubai

Solo Capital has quickly built it’s reputation as a contender in the investment banking world. The company began in 2009 as an idea, however, it was not until 2011 that Sanjay Shah registered Solo Capital in the United Kingdom as a small start up. Currently, Solo Capital has two headquarters, its primary office is located in Central London while the alternate headquarters is located in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

The company’s president, Sanjay Shah, began Solo Capital during the financial crisis.Many investors would not have taken this risk, however, it proved to be a worthwhile gamble for Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Shah. Today the company is worth an estimated $280 million dollars as of January 2016. When Sanjay began Solo Capital, he had given himself a time limit to establish the company as a viable source of income for his family. In as little as five years, Sanjay had turned his first million. This began the quick ascent to the top.

Sanjay had quickly began to focus on acquisitions as well as sports investing, proprietary trading and investing. His first major acquisition for the Solo Capital family was the purchase of Old Park Lane Capital, a wealthy invitation only brokerage firm. The second acquisition was Varengold Bank in Hamburg, Germany. Currently Solo Capital and its parent company Aesa S.A.R.L., which is also owned by Shah, own an estimated 39 holding companies located in Malta, Dubai, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

In his early years Sanjay had aspirations to become a doctor, another lucrative career choice, however, he soon realized the world of medicine was not for him. He switched his course studies to accounting and investments. While he was in college, Sanjay also worked as a music promoter. These two early choices would serve him well later on in his life.

When Sanjay’s son, Nikhil, was just four years old a suspect illness led his parents to discover the world of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sanjay soon began Autism Rocks to raise money and awareness for Autism research. The foundation raises money by holding invitation only concert events within the United Kingdom and Dubai. These concerts have been headlined by some top acts such as Prince, Drake and Joss Stone.

All the donations are divided out by the Autism Trust, which is overseen by Sanjay Shah, is currently funding fifteen autism research projects. Autism Rocks foundation has partnered with the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University in London. The Autism Rocks Foundation also contributes money to the Autism Center in Dubai where H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Chairman. Sanjay Shah hopes to one day bring the two organizations together where Sheikh Hamdan will be their spokesperson.

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White Shark Media Fixes Issues Related to Complaints

White Shark Media is competing for clients in the industry of pay per lick (PPC) management. Google and Bing AdWords provide a means for those with a limited budget to connect with customers online. White Shark Media hopes to help clients meet their conversion (website visitor sales) goals without overspending. White Shark Media has received positive reviews for the work performed. Not all customers, however, are 100% satisfied. They have logged complaints, and some of these complaints found their way to public forums.
White Shark Media is committed to provided the best possible service to customers. The firm is taking a direct approach to fixing the deficiencies some clients have logged.

Clients do want to stay in the loop regarding their AdWords campaigns. Complaints focusing on “losing touch” with the campaign were noted, and significant steps have been taken to address those concerns. The presentation of detailed reports is preceded by a very detailed explanation of what the campaign is going to entail. Since clients know what to expect, they do not feel lost about what is going on.

Improved communications usually does a lot to make client feel pleased about working with a particular service. White Shark Media has streamlined its entire communications systems, and made things a lot easier and more informative for clients. Search engine marketing specialists can be reached through direct extension. The presence of direct extensions in the phone system makes placing a call to the office a lot more productive.

There have been other improvements in the communications system developed since the company started. Through working with GoToMeeting, clients and company representatives can discuss progress reports through a secure online stream. Another partnership was formed with a company that handles telephone call tracking. This way, clients can determine which incoming sales inquiry calls are related directly to the AdWords campaign.

A segment of the clients are interested in search engine optimization services. White Shark Media prefers not to become involved with SEO work. The company does provide SEO evaluation. The evaluation can provide a client with food for thought in regards to what direction to take SEO work. If he/she is currently working with a SEO company, the evaluation could help the client address deficiencies or other issues with that company.

Youtube Reviews for White Shark Media have been mostly fair. Clients who work with the company have left positive reviews and testimonials about results. Good results indicate a decent amount of conversions combined with limited monetary expenditures. Clients do not want to spend too much money to procure a sale since this cuts down on profits. White Shark Media works hard to help clients achieve this most desirable outcome.

The United States Is Testing Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Control The Spread Of Thr Zika Virus According To Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes

The United States Congress is showing its true colors once again by arguing about funding to prevent the spread of the Zika virus in the United States. It seems the lawmakers would rather question whether there’s going to be an outbreak of Zika rather than realized it has already started. There have been 107 reported cases of the virus in 26 states. The closer the country gets to spring and summer the faster those numbers will increase, according to Brazil’s Ministry of Health advisor, Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes has been investigating why the Zika virus outbreak in Northeastern Brazil happened so quickly for the last 11 months. Cortes has a great deal of information about the virus posted on his website.<br>

It didn’t take the Zika virus long to spread to other countries in South America. Even though Brazil started an aggressive Aedes aegypti mosquito eradication program a month after the first case was reported, the virus and the mosquitoes were not phased by it. The countries of South America were Zika’s first target in 2016, and once Zika conquered those nations, it moved to the Caribbean, Central America, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the United States. The virus hasn’t completely invaded the United States, but according to a post on the Dr. Cortes LinkedIn page, the U.S. could have more than 4 million infected people within the next six months. And to make matters worse, the virus is responsible for the outbreak of microcephaly, and that disease is sending pregnant women into an elevated level of fear.
Microcephaly is the disease that affects the fetus before birth. When infected babies are born they have very small heads and underdeveloped brains along with other issues. The Zika virus plays a role in the development of microcephaly, according to the Dr. Cortes Facebook page. The relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly hasn’t been scientifically proven, but there is enough evidence to believe Zika is causing the birth defect. More than 4,000 cases of microcephaly have been reported in Brazil since August 2015. Brazil only reported 150 cases of microcephaly a year before the outbreak of Zika.
There is enough field evidence to prompt the World Health Organization to put out a warning to pregnant women and women that want to get pregnant. Even the Maternal-Fetal Division at Johns Hopkins issued a statement saying women should wait at least four weeks after being infected with the virus to conceive. Dr. Cortes tweets statements from various medical and health sources on a daily basis.
The state of Florida is taking the Zika virus threat seriously even though Congress is fighting funding to stop the spread of the virus. Florida is testing genetically engineered mosquitoes that mate with Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The mosquitoes born from that union can’t reproduce.

Brazil’s Top Real Estate Developers

Investing in real estate can be a tricky venture, but in most cases, it is also very rewarding. In Brazil, it is one of the leading industries and has been constantly growing over time. It offers a lower risk of incurring losses, than investing in stocks or shares.

There are a number of real estate companies in the country, all working to meet the demand for housing. Whether you want to develop a beach plot or farmland, there is a company that can assist you. One of them is Cyrela Brazil Realty, which happens to be largest real estate Development Company in the country. Founded in 1962, it operates in 17 states in both Brazil and Argentina. It is based in Sao Paulo and is listed on the Brazilian securities exchange, BM&F Bovespa.

Another big wig in the construction business, is PDG Realty. This is the second largest company in the business, and has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. It was founded in 1979 and they can be found in 11 states in Brazil. The projects they take on include, developing residential and commercial plots, as well as brokerage, and offering consultancy services.

Rossi Residencial, is also one of the companies dealing with construction and real estate in the country. They are based in Sao Paulo, and are the sixth largest construction company. They take part in all the phases of the venture, from land exploration to construction and property delivery. They are part of the Rossi group, founded by the Rossi family. They can be found in about 56 Brazilian cities, and have regional offices making them very accessible.

Construcap, is one of the ten largest construction companies in Brazil. They have handled the construction of buildings, railway lines, roads, as well as ports and industries. Having been in business since 1994, they base their success on continuous development and innovative technology, as well as a strong concern for their environment. They provide employment to very many people and generally have a number of open positions, available to qualified applicants.

They have currently teamed up with American construction company, Fluor. They plan to invest about R$25 million, in order to offer engineering services for complex constructions. They will both have equal ownership of a new company, CFPS Engenharia E Projectos. They plan to target the oil and gas industry, with Construcap already having built its reputation, by participating in the construction of Petrobas Refineries. Their LinkedIn page has further information about the company.

Talk Fusion Takes the Online Video World By Storm

Talk Fusion is making waves as more and more consumers are seeing the benefits of switching from their old online video services. Talk Fusion is the video service founded by Bob Reina. Reina has made his career in relationship marketing, with over 20 years of experience. He was previously a police officer, having graduated at the very top of his class. He is the holder of a Criminology degree from USF. In 2007, Reina had a vision for a better, innovative video product.

The idea came about when he tried to send a short 10 second video to a friend of his back in 2004. In 2007, the video email product expanded into over 80 countries. It seems that people everywhere were just as surprised that such a service didn’t already exist and quickly purchased the new product. Thus, video was successfully integrated into emails and offered to the world.

Now, Talk Fusion has grown so successfully that it is a top 10 video provider, passing giant companies like Viacom, AOL, and Yahoo, just to name a few. The way the technology works is a large differentiaor from the competition. Instead of needing to download software or install a plugin, the user simply logs into a portal.

First, they record their video message. Next they hop online to the portal and upload the video. The user can then create the entire email in that exact same Talk Fusion portal. There are over 1,000 quality templates to choose from. And you can send to as many people as you like. The emails are saved in the cloud thanks to Talk Fusion’s technology and they can be accessed again at any time. Plus, if you’re not feeling very creative, there are pre-made videos that you can send customers and clients.

Talk Fusion is a DSA (Direct Selling Association) member and they adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth by the DSA. Because of their direct selling mantra, they are able to eliminate excess costs for consumers while providing amazing opportunities for their associates all around the world. Of course, their amazing product allows them to do this with pride.

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Koch Brothers Change Their Strategies

Charles Koch started a political network not long ago, and this has made them engage in politics of late. The billionaire who is based in America has made a lot of changes in his life. The chief director of Koch Industries has been focusing all his energy on politics, and this year, he has become too powerful than ever, and this has been attributed to the political network he formed. With the support of several other wealthy individuals in the United States, Charles Koch has gone to the extent of changing his tactics to survive in the competitive upcoming election. His brother David has been helping all, though, working as the vice chief executive and co-owner of the Koch Industries.

The Koch brothers have become very influential in the United States now more than ever, and they have indulged in politics with all they can. In order to get a soft spot in the minds and hearts of citizens of America, Charles Koch has chosen to change their political strategies. In the past, they have been involved in politics just behind the scenes, without removing their covers. They preferred to keep their lives out of the limelight, and people did not know too much about their policies and private lives. They want to work their magic in politics, but in the eyes of everyone.

In October last year, something extraordinary happened, and this clearly shows the change. The Koch brothers appeared in the Wall Street Journal, giving out their profile for everyone to see. However, in their profile, the brothers lamented about the presidential post, especially in the upcoming elections in the United States. The brothers argue that the politics happening at the moment are just concerned with the personalities and origin.

According to the experts in the industry, the two brothers have a right to complain. It is believed that the Koch brothers intend to use over nine hundred million dollars in the elections, and it’s only natural for them to get extremely frustrated when things start to go in the opposite direction.

The brothers have agreed that Bernie Senders was right when he said that the politics in America, especially for the Democrats seem to favor the wealthy individuals in the society, completely ignoring the majority who are less fortunate or even struggling to make a living in the United States. He seeks to endorse a candidate who will ensure equality at all times.

Keith Mann, an Entrepeneur and a Philanthropist starts Scholarship Fund for Low-income Students

Entrepreneur Keith Mann is founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, but he is also a philanthropist who is an advocate of helping those in the educational field. Recently, Keith and his wife Keely created a scholarship fund associated with the Uncommon Schools of New York City. Uncommon Schools, which are schools for low-income students ages K-12, are 44 charter schools in Massachusetts and NewJersey as well as New York City.

The entry requirement for the scholarship is open to graduating seniors. They must write a 1,000-word essay on why they think a college education would benefit their career. The last day of February is the last day for entries and the winner will be announced in March. The Manns are offering one scholarship every year for the student who writes the best essay. The winner receives $5,000 towards their college education.

Keith Mann is a business leader who has been working in the executive search industry for over 15 years. He is an expert in hedge funding, staffing and creating creative hiring strategies. DSP is known as one of the forerunners in alternative investment firms in NYC.

Mr. Mann’s company is now an international business with offices in Europe and Asia. As he becomes more successful in his business, he wants to give more to the community around him. He and his wife are both college graduates who know the significance of having a college education. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is an award that recognizes and supports raising up business leaders in the next generation.

Keith Mann is an expert at hedge funds and executive search for his clients, and his company has increased over the past decade.

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