Sergio Cortes and the Art of Impersonation

This world has millions of musicians. Some lucky ones get to make a career out their music. Even fewer get a shot at a successful music career. Of them, however, only a few become musical icons that define an age. For many people, an example of such an icon is none other than the legendary Michael Jackson. People remember Michael Jackson for more than just his music.

It is said that the most sincere form of flattery is impersonation. In the world of Michael Jackson fans, one of the best known impersonators is Sergio Cortes. Born in Barcelona and currently based in Brazil, Sergio Cortes has loved Michael Jackson since he was a young boy. Since then, he has become well known in South America and around the world for his impersonation shows. He is currently working on a show titled “Human Nature Live Show” that will be mostly in Italy. The show will focus mainly on well known and beloved classics by the King of Pop.

Impersonating such a well known icon is much harder than it sounds. Sergio Cortes needed to study the movement of Michael Jackson for years in order to perfect intricacies in dances such as the moonwalk. In the same way that Daniel Day Lewis is known for staying in character even off of the film set when he is filming a movie, Sergio Cortes also had to really become Michael Jackson in order to achieve the level of perfection that he has in his impersonations.

Another obviously important part of the Michael Jackson impersonation is the singing. Sergio Cortes has had to master the original artist’s vocal quality and range. This alone was a tall feat. Many across the world have said, however, that Cortes is one of the closest impersonators that has ever lived.

For many who have grown up loving the singer and icon Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes brings back fond memories with his performances. Although Sergio Cortes does much of his performing in South America, his touring locations have expanded since his reputation has grown. That is excellent for the many people around the world who love Michael Jackson.

Not everyone gets to become a legendary pop icon. For impersonators like Sergio Cortes, it is simply enough to walk in his childhood idol’s shoes. Not only are Sergio Cortes’ impersonations intricate and artful, but they are a great way to remember the King of Pop.

Economic Experts such as George Soros and Former Mint Director Phillip Diehl Recommend Investing in Gold Coins

It is truly a growing group. Experts the world over are beginning to realize that the best way to safeguard an investment is to buy gold coins. Diverse individuals such as billionaire George Soros and former Mint Director Philip Diehl each agree on this principle. As a matter of face, Diehl was interviewed over a podcast network and invited to share his views about the benefits of owning gold coins, and here is a summary of that interview.
Philip Diehl was first of all asked how is his leadership background with the U.S. Mint qualified him as the president of the U.S. Money Reserve. He said that his experience as the 35th director of the U.S. Mint equipped him for his current position because it introduced him to the whole fascinating world of bullion coins. He said that the U.S. Mint sells the most bullion coins in the world.
The next question Mr. Diehl was asked was regarding what he considered the most rewarding aspect of his job. He responded by noting how he has made a gallant attempt to establish a high level of commitment among himself and his associates. They all desire to establish an effect customer service policy, and Diehl elaborated on that by noting that his firm has one of the best return policies in the business.

Another question that Philip Diehl fielded was in regards to how the U.S. Money Reserve differentiates itself from its competitors. He responded by noting how again, he felt it was because of their superior commitment to customer service. He said that he keeps extremely busy serving on a number of different boards and thus he had the opportunity to thoroughly study his competition. He said that the U.S. Money Reserve depends very strongly on the bullion that has been produced by the U.S. Mint. He was also asked why a person should own gold produced by the U.S. instead of just regular gold bars, and Diehl said that the main reason is because the gold is legal tender and has the most potential to experience a significant increase in price.

Diehl has had a long history in the numismatic fields. Prior to his work with the mint he served as chief of staff of U.S. Treasury Department and as a staff director for many different finance committees. He has much experience in precious metals. To listen to more of this podcast, simply click here.

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Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food

Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food

Many times as owners we find ourselves indulging our loving family members with treats, table scraps, and other food items that can force our animals to gain more weight than their bodies can handle. We also do not put enough time and facebook research into the foods that we feed our animals, basing our only judgment on what sounds good and what they will eat quickly and without turning their nose up at it. The sad truth about both of these things is that we are not treating our loving animal the best that we possibly can. It is best for our animals to choose for them a food that gives them all the nutrients they need and will help them maintain a healthy weight all their life. A healthy weight means they can play, sleep, and do all their other activities without any trouble. It also helps them fight disease since they will not be bogged down with inactivity.

Beneful Healthy Weight dog food is one of the best brands on the market for our dogs to get to and maintain a healthy weight for their lifestyle. This Beneful food gives him or her 100% of the nutrients that they need without adding all kinds of extra fillers that will slow them down. It’s also great for all breeds of dog so even if you have multiple dogs in the house, this food will be great for all of them. Beneful Healthy weight contains real chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans that makes the food not only lean, but taste great too. Man’s best friend will love the flavor and will appreciate the extra energy that they will have for playtime and other activities!


Madison Street Capital Predictions: What’s Happening In Hedge Fund For 2016

Madison Street Capital recently provided a detailed Hedge Fund forecast projecting expectations for this year’s merger and acquisitions. In 2014, it had reported that the financial investment boutique closed 32 transactions successfully. Last year’s forecast wasn’t a disappointment either as the firm secured an additional 10 transactions making it 42 for the fiscal year 2015. This was a 27% when measured up to the previous year’s report. With a rapid spike in transactions the last quarter of 2015, this was certainly an unquestionable win.

Certainly, Madison Street Capital does celebrate this momentum, but economists weren’t inclined to ignore the struggles the industry has undergone in the past years. With hedge fund managers suffering magnanimous losses on the account of poorly modeled strategies and other failures; it’s surely delightful how Madison Street Capital afforded this immense success. The climbing rates of liabilities have cemented the demise of many investors, but some institutions remain grounded on yielding lucrative returns. Micro-hedge fund managers have suffered far greater challenges especially on the subject of operational costs in the past years. Another hurdle that’s become strenuous for the majority is attracting investors. With underperforming portfolios and the lack of sound capital, financial risks have reached greater levels. Furthermore, the regulation of institutional fees has also increased the weight of challenges.

Nonetheless, Madison Street Capital predicts a wealthier performance in hedge fund businesses for the coming years. Surely, they’ve factored in all considerations and judging from last year’s dynamic performance, 2016 holds greater promise. With an increasingly growing landscape, where demands for consolidations continue to progress, balance is imminent. As a donor of United Way, Madison Street Capital has funded countless philanthropic projects aimed at strengthening community development across the nation. This financial advisory manages an extensive clientele portfolio guiding investors as they overcome their darkest monetary setbacks.

The distinction is that Madison Street Capital commands the nation’s finesse hedge fund analysts. What these professionals bring is an infallible wealth of expertise and experience. Additionally, these brilliant minds have earned them long-term partnerships with the financial sector’s top-tier investment bankers. Furthermore, this Chicago-based financial investment advisory has multiple areas of specialization. This includes financial valuation reporting, consulting, corporate services, business assessment, private equity analysis, etc. With a global outreach that extends to Asia, North America and Africa, Madison Street Capital continues to form new alliances. In turn, this will create opportunities to lure new investors into securing lucrative contracts.

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Queens Of Drama Brings The Glamour Of The Soaps To Reality TV

Reality TV runs the gamut from informative to entertaining and even bizarre. but oftentimes with the simplicity and realism of reality tv the glamour and fun of becoming invested in the lives and stories of larger than life characters that viewers get from scripted shows is lost. Queens of Drama is a show that reigns supreme at finding the balance between reality and character, and from its cast to the cinematography the entire show feels like a fresh take on reality that brings the glamour, intrigue, and fun of soap operas to the genre.

The fact that the cast of Queens of Drama is made up of women who’s claim to fame is primarily work on daytime TV soaps is probably why it so effortlessly evokes the feeling of those shows. In a time where the number of soaps on network TV is dwindling, it is comforting and refreshing to watch these women and see their faces that are so recognizable and familiar after their years of work on the series that were broadcast daily into the homes of millions of viewers for decades. Watching Queens of Drama can feel like watching a group of old friends and once the familiarity of these actresses draws viewers in, the excitement and drama of watching these beautiful, colorful, and talented women as they try to collaborate on writing and producing a new show will make people want to keep watching to see if they can pull it off.

Crystal Hunt is one of the actresses that the show features. Crystal starred on two iconic soap operas – Guiding Light and One Life to Live. She got her start in show business by performing in beauty pageants as a child where she would act for the talent portion of the show. From pageants Crystal moved on to work in modeling and acting in commercials, movies, and on television.

With her beautiful appearance as Instagram shows, obvious talent, and fun personality Crystal brings a youthful energy to Queens of Drama. Her age doesn’t stop her from sharing her ideas and opinions with the other ladies in the cast, and her years of experience in the industry allow her to contribute to all their endeavors in a positive and knowledgeable way. But the most intriguing thing about Crystal Hunt is how authentic she seems to be when on this show. Crystal shows her knack for acting and especially a capability for drama when she’s performing, but it’s her vulnerability and honest nature that set her apart from some of the other ladies; it’s clear in every scene she’s in that Crystal isn’t trying to be anything other than herself. With her bubbly personality and her feisty nature Crystal Hunt is so much fun to watch, and adds a lot to an incredible cast of intriguing, entertaining, and successful women.  Check out Crystal Hunt’s Facebook fan page for more about her career and where she’s going next.


According to the epodcastnetwork, the U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metal industries in the nation. It was pioneered by famous gold merchants in the United States after they realized the need to give customers high-quality services that match their demand in the valuable metal industry. They offer customer-driven services that are trusted by their clients and expertise advice based on the market knowledge. They have an extensive customer base that enjoys the excellent services and benefits provided by the company in the valuable metal industry. They have hundreds of thousand customers enjoying their services. They are the best sellers of U.S government graded and certified coins. The company is rated the best by Business Consumer Alliance and AAA.
All along since it was initiated, the company has assisted its clients to make good choices of high valuable coins that the can afford and hence make large profits at the end. The customers have great confidence and trust in the company since it enjoys the backing of the United States government that issues the coins distributed such as gold, platinum and silver. The Reserve has employed professionals who are well versed in financial matters and have gained vast experience from other financial institutions and, therefore, are able to provide excellent services that satisfy their customers. They are trained in excellent customer services and advice the clients to make informed decisions that lead to high profits. They have also employed enough staff that is well remunerated and motivated in a conducive environment that enables them to offer excellent services to clients. Over the years, they have strived to give the best services.
Some of the professionals include: Inventory Department that deals with records, Senior Gold Specialist that checks weight and purity of gold, Coin Research Professionals, Industry Leading Numismatic Experts, Compliance and Standards Department, Vault and Shipping Department, Business support Professionals and Sales verification Personnel. Equipped with knowledge, experience, professionalism and interest to serve their clients, the staff has made U.S Money Reserve to emerge one of the best company that is growing very first in the financial industry.
With the leadership of Mr. Diehl as the director the company has clinched the market and managed to enjoy the large pool of customers without challenges. There has been a real transition in the leadership of the company even in the other levels of leadership. The company continues to make success by coming up with new business strategies that are quality oriented.

Charles Koch Care About the Poor and Education Quality

Charles Koch is building a non-profit wing that will work toward revitalizing civil society and addressing deep-seated social ills. The organization is known as Stand Together. It is motivated by a sole purpose of making a real difference in peoples’ lives by solving their problems. Its initial effort will focus on education quality and poverty. According to a top official, the organization is still in a startup phase, though it is expected to raise $15 million in this year alone. Organizers have described the group as a venture philanthropy targeting to strengthen the American society fabric.

Charles Koch is a renowned businessman and philanthropist, he is the chief executive officer and co-owner of Koch Industries, the second –largest privately held company by revenue in U.S. According to Bloomberg Billionaire index, Koch was ranked the sixth richest person in the world in 2012. Koch supports many libertarian groups, free market –oriented educational organizations, and other charitable organizations,
Evan Feinberg, the Stand Together executive director, said that the organization will not veer into policy fights, but it will focus on partnership with private groups addressing social ills, such as high recidivism rates and gang violence. In one of its venture, the organization will team up with Bob Woodson, a civil right veteran and a prominent black conservative. Woodson works to link social entrepreneurs who tackle society problems such as drug addiction in poor neighborhoods and resources such access to lower-interest bank loans and accounting expertise from local businesses. Woodson stated that the Koch operating principles and philosophy is 100% compatible with the way the poor should be helped. Further, he said that Koch is unique since he does not dictated on what should be done, but wants to help people and non-profit groups by building on what they do.
A Charles Koch aide has been working internally for about a year on Stand Together, but the organization is expected to make its first public splash this week through launching its websites and sharing its plans with hundreds of Koch donors in its winter. The formal launch of the organization comes as the behemoth related to Koch and his brother David, is increasingly sending millions of dollars to different programs aimed at the disadvantaged in the society and broaden its outreach far beyond a free-market conservatives. As described by Feinberg, Stand Together will blend both infrastructure support and grant making. The organization is expected to underwrite school scholarship to poor kids and provide IT, human resource, and accounting support to fledging nonprofit groups. It is also hoped that business owners might provide some jobs to ex-offenders who participate in community programs supported by Stand Together.


Uncommon Schools New Scholarship Program

Uncommon Schools is a vital resource for low income students to prepare and succeed in college. They manage urban charter schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Now, the Brooklyn based sector of the Uncommon Schools program is getting a big boost.

Keith Mann, CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, has announced the inception of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship will be awarded each year to a graduating senior of one of the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, and is intended to support the next generation of innovative, business oriented leaders.

Mann is a philanthropist and a well know, longstanding professional in the executive search industry. In 2002, Keith Mann partnered with Dynamic Executive Search and began the Alternative Investment Practice, which specializes in recruiting for hedge fund positions. His work was expanded to include jobs in the private sector in 2006, and in 2009 he started Dynamics Search Partners. And advocate of leadership development and education, his work with DSP helps candidates who show growth and potential be paired with suitable companies after graduation.

To apply for the scholarship, seniors are tasked with writing a 1,000 word essay. The subject of the essay focuses on their professional goals, and how graduation and a college degree will be beneficial to achieving these goals. The contest runs from February 29, 2016 until March 2016. The scholarship amount is $5,000 and can be applied to the student’s tuition. This scholarship, along with the Uncommon Schools program, will afford students who may not have previously had the ability to attend a four year college a greater chance at success. Follow Keith on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all of his philanthropic endeavors.

Sleep Apnea Travel Options

While travel is more often than not for enjoyment or business, for people with sleep apnea, travel can bring about the problem of what to do regarding their continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machines.

Sleep apnea is an involuntary stopping of breathing that takes place while the individual is asleep. The Greek word “apnea” means “without breath.” The National Sleep Foundation says it is very common as it affects more than 18 million Americans.

One of the key warning signs is very noisy snoring while other signs take in obesity, unrelenting morning and afternoon tiredness.

There is helpful information and options for treatments for apnea sufferers while they are away from home, according to a Huffington Post report.

Among the most successful CPAC devices are a travel CPAP machine, which is smaller and more condensed than the conventional CPAP. This is a result of the travel device not including a humidifier. Monitoring and recording sleep data are accessible on countless travel CPAP machines.

The report points out when making a decision with regard to the right type of travel CPAP device be sure to have no doubts about the device’s durability.

The Huffington Post report also suggests oral appliances which install similar to a mouth guard and maintain the jaw frontward to aid in keeping an open upper airway. A medical doctor’s prescription and a visit to a licensed dentist is necessary to take delivery of this appliance.

What’s more, a fairly new device on the market, a nasal valve therapy device, fastens over the nostrils and is held with hypoallergenic masking tape. As the individual takes a breathe, the valve releases and closes up passing the air on to generate resistance on the breathe out that builds up force in the back of the throat to maintain the airway open.

The report also offers tips for traveling with the CPAP devices such as bringing along an extra battery and an extension cord as well as an appropriate adapter. And before packing any device, empty the humidifier tub of any water and keep it empty.

One of the nation’s top sleep apnea doctor’s and consultant, Avi Weisfogel, has nearly two decades of experience in dental care. He has focused much of his career on taking care of patients who have diverse sleep disorders, particularly those with obstructive sleep apnea.

Initially teaching colleagues on the uses of oral appliance therapy in the treatment of sleep disorders through his company, Dental Sleep Masters, Weisfogel helps dentists connect with and assist patients with sleep apnea by providing a business model and a coaching program. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign benefiting Operation Smile.

I Believe That Handy Is The Best Cleaning Company Around

Keeping a clean home has never been one of my strongest points. My husband knows that I try my best to keep our home clean, but cleaning has been a lot harder since we had our second child. I was always calling around to find different companies to clean my home because none of them ever satisfied me. I had one company that always was late, even if they swore to be early the next time. Another company would change their rates every single week, even though they were doing the same work every single week. I had enough, and I turned to Handy.

Since I’m not a person who goes on the Internet much because I have two kids to look after, it was a friend who told me about the Handy company. I wasn’t certain that Handy would be any different from the other cleaning companies I hired, but Handy truly is a different company. I found that not only are the Handy workers punctual but also very cleanly, and they take a lot of care in what they’re doing when my children are running around. I tried my best to keep the kids in the room, but the oldest child took off running into the living room.

The Handy worker was vacuuming at the time, but she didn’t seem to mind the fact that my child was misbehaving and continued with her work. After all the work was completed, I took a look around my home and found that it was cleaner than I’ve ever seen it any other cleaning company. From what I’ve learned about Handy workers, they only get professionals that can clean a home to near perfection, and the people that work for Handy are experienced. The companies I hired in the past simply got inexperienced teenagers to clean my home.

I’ve worked with Handy to clean my home several times, and I’ve never been disappointed, and Handy is the first company with workers that I tip when they come out to my home. I’ve been so impressed with how my home is cleaned every time, so I never hesitate to tip, and the tips are always, at least, $10 or more. I never knew a company could be so good at what they do, but Handy proved me wrong because they can clean home well and are always on time. Follow Handy on Twitter and Facebook!!