Marcio Alaor and others from BMG honor Marcio Albana

Inaugurated on August 24 day 2014, at 33° Edition of the Expose Samonte (Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antônio do Monte), the food court “MARCIO ALBANA DANIEL” represents a fair tribute to Marcio Vicky, which has always been a big booster of the city, especially in the rural sector and with regard to Exposition Park, having as main marks a very close relationship with his homeland and a warning to his countrymen that transcends the barrier of the distance.

Local authorities were present to monitor the tribute and made a point to raise the importance to the city rely on the support of one of the greatest executives of Brazil, since, in addition to showing how Marcio Albana is faithful to its roots, because he never forgot his hometown, have as a contributor to the Executive Vice President of a major bank like BMG , opens many doors and shows how Santo Antônio do Monte is strong and can achieve bigger things, since even without land for agriculture, the town managed to become the largest producer of milk in the Center West of Minas Gerais. Title achieved a lot thanks to the commitment and the courage of the man in the field and the collaboration of people that even with all the difficulties never fail to believe in the potential of the city, as is the case with Marcio Albana.

According to, as recognition for his services to local society, the Executive received a sign that extols his friendship with everyone in town, attention to the difficulties faced, especially in the field, and love for his land. The Union President, Vilmar Octavius, after thanking Marcio Albana for everything he’s ever done and is still doing for the city, said that the support of the Executive is of fundamental importance for the Union to continue helping significantly rural producers of Santo Antônio do Monte. The Mayor, Wilmar Son, pointed out that transform what was previously just a warehouse used to store grain, in a large and important food court, represented also the creation of a place that would certainly be a stimulus for many in town continue in pursuit of their dreams.

While taking the word, Marcio Vicky said that for him the life not brief the purchasing power, would value the great friendships is crucial not to lose a bit of our own essence. The Executive also stressed how grateful with all the tributes that receives in the city, mainly because of being able to be present at these moments, as it is common for people to be honored after his death, but he has the privilege of welcoming them in life and it’s exciting to closely monitor the growth of their homeland. Marcio Vicky ended saying you love Santo Antônio do Monte and never lose touch with the city and the relationship of love and friendship you have with everyone just makes him feel proud of his land.

Brazil and Latin America has a bank that they can trust because of Marcio Alaor. Marcio Alaor is Vice President of one of the premier banks of Brazil, BMG. BMG offers a range of services to its many customers that help to provide financial assistance and investment opportunities.

Beneful Dog Food and Treats

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Highland Capital Management Wins Another HFM Award

The HFM US Hedge Fund Management Award was recently presented to James Dondero and the Highland Capital Management team. This prestigious award is given to a company that shows great foresight and performance in the hedge fund market. The award was given specifically to the Long/Short Healthcare Fund provided by Highland Capital Management, and this article explains how that fund has become one of the most powerful in America.

#1: Why The Long/Short Fund?

The healthcare fund at Highland Capital Management is the most profound of all the funds at HCM. Jim has made healthcare a priority at Highland Capital Management, and a majority of their funds are in healthcare investments. The healthcare sector is growing so quickly that every investor must some of their money into a healthcare fund. The Long/Short fund is keeping up with the American investment market overall.

#2: Why Jim?

Jim Dondero is one of the most respected geniuses in the investing world. Jim began at American Express nearly 30 years ago, and he started his Highland Capital Management empire soon after. His company has used several investment methods that Jim created himself, and he continues to create new investment strategies that other companies are using to this day. The HFM award was given for the Long/Short fund, but there is a part of the award that appears to go for lifetime achievement in investing.

#3: Will The Long/Short Fund Continue To Grow?

The Highland Capital Management offices are located in Texas, and the Texas healthcare market is booming every day. There are large companies creating massive healthcare networks across the state, and an investment house located in the state is in prime position to perform well. The healthcare fund from HCM could win the HFM Award next year simply because Texas is growing so quickly.

James Dondero has distinguished himself as one of the most prolific investors in history. He has grown a massive empire in Texas without the benefit of being on Wall Street, and he has grown the empire slowly without overextending himself. The real estate market has become another large part of the HCM family, and Jim prefers to keep his company as diverse as possible. Jim has created an empire that can go on long after he retires, and the HFM Award is just one way that the investment community has acknowledged Jim’s excellence.

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The Best Time To Invest Is Now Says Legal Expert

Prominent attorney and investment strategist Sam Tabar sets a strong emphasis on the significance of a flawless diversified portfolio.

Tabar’s expertise brings in business management, litigation, mergers and acquisitions as well as legal research, and CrunchBase makes that unbelievably clear.

This year Tabar cautioned people that commodity buy and sell types of funds are more uncertain than conventional wagers such as mutual funds. He called attention to backers taking reasonable steps to investigate a business before entering into an agreement or transaction in commodities.

According to Tabar, the best time to start investing is at hand. He maintained no one wants to glance back after ceasing to work and wished they had embarked on committing money or capital to a business or project faster.

He also pointed out free enterprise is on the ascent and investing in social companies getting underway is a good chance to turn out some money and at the same time lend a hand to others.

Acting on his own advice, Tabar recently made a key investment in THINX, a publicly aware women’s underwear maker. THINX, which re-thinks feminine hygiene products, is designed by women in New York City and made by women in Sri Lanka.

Following his graduation with honors from Oxford University, Tabar went to Columbia Law School and then began his career as an Associate at one of the world’s most esteemed law firms Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

Tabar moved into business development and capital strategy at SPARX Group Company/PMA Investment Advisors and rapidly escalated to be its most senior corporate officer and jointly run its company expansion.

He later joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch and went back to the legal field in 2013 when he united with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a senior associate specializing in hedge funds and structure along with regulatory and fulfillment concerns.

Throughout his professional calling, Tabar has worked with quite a few diverse nations and has become skilled at several languages. He is fluent in Japanese and French as well as English.

On a personal level, Tabar enjoys travelling and coordinating and hosting events.

London Vacation Rentals You Need To Book During Your Next London Trip

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London is a beautiful place filled with wonderful sightseeing opportunities. Find a unique place to stay during your trip by using LondonEscape today online.

Finding The Perfect London Vacation Rentals

I do a good amount of traveling for business. It is something I do on a regular basis. However, I’ve always kind of looked around at different websites to try and find the best deal and the best kind of rental for my business travels. I know a lot of people are always looking for just swimming pools, but that isn’t what I’m in town for. I need something that I can use and kick back in. I need a kitchen where I can cook up some easy food (eating out every meal can become pretty pricey, not to mention I don’t always eat great when I eat out). That is why I’m always trying to find the right booking website. After checking through several different websites, I finally stumbled upon London Escape. I have to say I am so glad I found this website as it has really made a world of difference. Now, every single time I use the London Escape website I am able to find the perfect destination for when I’m in town next.

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I also like using London Escape because I am able to stay with a different home and a different rental every single time I’m in town. I do find that to be one of the nice things about using the service. I can rent out someone’s apartment or flat and it is always going to provide a different view and different experience inside of the apartment.

Former Lacrosse Athlete Lends his Time to Help ARAS

Jon Urbana has begun a new charity drive to benefit his community. Through CrowdRise, a donation gathering website, Mr. Urbana has begun to raise money for an animal shelter known as ARAS. Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a shelter that is specifically for cats, but one of the most important things is that ARAS is one of the few shelters that has a strictly no kill policy. This means that the shelter will care for the animals that they receive for as long as it takes to find a new and loving home.

Jon Urbana has become one of the most well known young airmen, and one of the best professional lacrosse players ever. He was extremely well revered as a Wildcat, and now, since he has retired, Mr. Urbana has become a well regarded entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Urbana’s most successful venture is a series of training camps called Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camps take place in Colorado, where Mr. Urbana headquarters all of his enterprises. While they focus on developing lacrosse skills for youth around the nation, the camps also act as a development and maturation program, with thousands of long term skills and lessons that can be learned on Facebook (you’ll need to friend him).

Although Mr. Urbana has supported several different charities since his professional lacrosse days (full list at, the most recent initiative focuses on the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society through his Crowdrise Campaign. If you’ve got 90 seconds to spare, you’ll learn more from this video than I can teach you with my words.

The reason this specific shelter was chosen by Mr. Urbana is said to be due to the fact that this is a no kill shelter. In being a no kill establishment, the costs for running and maintaining operations are higher than other shelters. Long term philanthropy is required to be able to safely and effectively house so many lost or abandoned animals for a long time. In some cases the animals may never be adopted, which means that those pets require food, toys and safety for years and years. The main goal is to find a new home for those kittens and cats to be taken care of, which requires the shelter to use some funding for marketing and community education, to get their name out into the community. Once this has been achieved there is more chance of adoptions.

For more info, visit Jon’s blog and follow @jonurbana1 on Twitter.