Facebook Could Be Hurting Your Career

For the longest time we have seen the meteoric rise in social media as a part of our day to day lives. Facebook in particular has become such a common part of our day to day life that those of us who are NOT on the website are considered outliers. Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, communicate with colleagues, and create a web presence for yourself. However, the easy way you can use Facebook is leading to some unforeseen issues and now we are seeing Facebook actually HURT the careers of people all over the country. Status Labs, an online reputation management company, listed a few ways that you can practice preventative care with your Facebook account.

Create a professional page for yourself.
Whether you are a business owner or merely someone looking to climb the corporate ladder, it is better for you to have a public Facebook for colleagues and a personal Facebook for friends and relatives. You want to present the best version of yourself possible to colleagues and potential bosses so make sure that your public page really shows off your best traits. Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher points out that hiring managers WILL look into your social media accounts, so you might as well give them something pleasant to see.

You should crank up your privacy settings.
Facebook, like all social media forays, makes its money by selling user information to companies looking to advertise on the platform. If you don’t want your information to end up on the front page of Google’s search results then you need to crank up the privacy settings for your Facebook account. Make sure that all of your posts, pictures, and sensitive details are set to ‘friends only’ and routinely search yourself on web search engines to make sure that the settings have stayed in place.

Avoid controversial conversations.
There is nothing wrong with having an opinion but that opinion could lead you to some trouble in the workplace. While it is an extreme example, we’ve seen city officials fired over having inflammatory or controversial comments on their page. When thinking of making a controversial post assume that your boss will be reading it. If you don’t want to post it at that point then you know you shouldn’t.

Handy Now Giving Customers The Option To Tip Cleaners

Handy, an on demand cleaning service is giving its customers the option to tip cleaners through its app. The company is the latest in a surge of new businesses that are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of on demand services. Founded in 2012, Handy offers on demand cleaning services and limited home repair services directly through an app or through its website. Their on demand cleaning services and home repair services are available in many major cities in the United States and the UK.

In the midst of a debate on tipping in restaurants, and a strike by fellow on demand taxi service workers in Uber that demand better pay and the option to tip online, Handy has developed a program that would allow its customers to tip workers they felt did an excellent job directly through an app or online instead of paying in cash.The development of a tip feature is a step forward that should have a positive impact on the cleaners who work for Handy and current customers.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to tip for on demand services such as Uber or Handy if a tip feature is offered with the service. Lyft, a competitor of Uber sees its drivers get tipped almost 50% of the time through its tip feature that is integrated into an app. Uber, which has no tip feature in its app, sees it drivers getting tipped only about 5% of the time and only in cash.

Handy reached the $50 million funding mark earlier this year. Handy’s co-founder Oisin Hanrahan believes that the online feature is an easier and better way to tip. You might not always have cash on hand with you or be present when a house cleaner is at your home. With the new online and app integrated tip feature, you can tip from anywhere if you feel you received an excellent service. Before you could only tip if you saw your worker, and that wasn’t very often. The new tipping feature should give a nice boost to the cleaning pros at handy, as they are called. Not that they are making a bad living for themselves, as the median wage for cleaners at the company is about $18 an hour with flexible hours. With Handy hitting one million a week in bookings this tip feature won’t go unnoticed!

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Qnet Offers Opportunity and Quality

From energy drinks to watches and unique items, Qnet, an international e-commerce company, has products for every person and need. However, the company is so much more than this.

Qnet is an Asian-based opportunity for people to operate their own businesses. In poorer countries like India, this is a life-changing opportunity. With little start-up costs and a huge portfolio of merchandise such as luxury watches, health and nutrition products and energy and wellness products, this is a proven winner.

Business owners, who can choose to work full-time or part-time, will enjoy supported business opportunities, great products and a wonderful compensation plan. Owners are not required to carry any certain items. They are allowed to pick what items they wish to sell in their online store. This allows owners to tailor their products to the community needs, individual wishes and personal preferences.

The selection of items offered through Qnet is always growing. Items are frequently added. And in countries like India, individuals who have a unique, quality item for sale, now have a global platform to sell it on. This is a win/win situation for the company and the entrepreneur.

For the direct sellers, Qnet offers ten different ways to make money. From referrals to leadership, and from selling online to selling in the community in which they live, there are ways to make money in this business.

In addition to quality products for your life, Qnet even offers education for your life. Swiss eLearning Institute is another ‘product’ of Qnet. This is an online learning opportunity for busy individuals who don’t have time to travel to a classroom.
Here, students can earn certificates in business management, communications, marketing and entrepreneurship. Of course this will also help the Qnet business owners looking to further their own education for their business.

Education, quality products, and life-changing opportunities. What else is left to make this the perfect business? Well, what about travel opportunities. Qnet offers memberships to exotic resorts. It even offers transferable ownership to grandchildren or other family members. And the memberships are available for up to thirty years.

So consider all of the opportunities Qnet has to offer with great products and services to friends, family and community. Consider the income potential. Consider the ability to choose what you sell and when you will sell it. Then, make the choice for Qnet.

Great Works Of BMG Bank

BMG bank is a financial institution which is privately owned and managed by Pentagna Guimaraes family. Since 1930, this family has been involved in financial industry in Brazil. This commercial bank offers financial products and consumer financing to both individuals and institutions. In the Brazilian market, it has been regarded as the leading institution in financing both light and heavy vehicles. It is also among the oldest serving financial institutions because it is still serving to date since the 1930s. In the mid-1990s, BMG bank shifted its focus to consumer financing as well as wholesale. Here concentration was on provision of pay rolls; this worked well and ended up being a benchmark for other banks in this operation in the financing market. In July 2012, BMG merged up with Itau Unibanko S.A. this was to specialize on distribution, commercialization and offering of payrolls. The two companies divided the voting and total capital stock. Currently Itau Unibanco holds 60% while BMG holds 40%.
BMG has had great advancement due to the joint venture, this unification made the bank change its operations and focus more on provision of financial services which entailed financing large and medium firm suppliers from large economic groups and dealing with credit card payrolls. The bank has had its strength by providing clients with possible solutions on payroll loans. Through its excellence operations, the bank has been able to lead the way and overwhelm its tough competitors. The board of directors for BMG has also played a great role in ensuring the set governing practices are implemented hence giving the best returns.
Marcio Alaor who is the director as well as the vice president of BMG bank has helped improve operations in service provision through his management. His great leadership skills have helped BMG have positive reviews from customers who have met their needs through the association of the bank. Marcio Alaor has also had his focus on the diversification of funds and investment; this is one of the ways he is using to ensure clients are being served to their satisfaction.Apart from having his focus on BMG, Marcio advises the Brazilian economy on how to boost the resumption of economic growth. His skills and knowledge have helped in most sectors of the economy and he deserves credit for that.
BMG has professional team members who work together to ensure different situations are solved accordingly. This institution has also been able to stand out due to human capital that works as its main asset.

Big Changes To Workers Benefits Ahead?

Handy.com is among those hoping to raise the conversation about what fundamental benefits all workers should receive. Companies like Uber and Lyft have been in the news with problems due to the definition of their workers. These events have rippled into a larger issue of what rights every worker is entitled to regardless of the employment type. Some are now calling for a national debate into the subject, and others are looking for ways to remedy problems as quickly as possible.

CEO for Handy, a company providing on-demand residential services like cleaning and repairs, signed a letter to lawmakers that calls for a discussion about what kind of safety net contractual workers are entitled to have. Handy wants to do more to help their workers but understands that doing so with the current laws will force them to reclassify employees wreaking havoc on the structure of the business.

Handy has made big strides in 2015 and are looking to do even more. They’ve expanded their services received funding through Fidelity Management and hit the one million booking benchmark. Now they’re looking to move forward and update benefits for the over 10,000 professionals registered on their site!

This comes at a time when Congress seemed deadlocked on so many important issues. A democrat from San Francisco, David Chiu, hopes that his home state of California will take action sooner to progress the contractual workers’ agenda.

Another effort to help workers on this front comes in the form of a framework for how these types of businesses should treat their workers. Entitled the “Good Work Code”, this campaign works to teach a structure of ethical treatment towards those people providing new streams of revenue for micro job startups.

House cleaners, nannies, and others who work gig to gig have long since known about the lack of policy involved in this kind of employment. With so many more citizens looking to make money on their own terms, by registering with Handy’s app in their free time, what can the government do to help ensure the safety and security of all workers in the United States?

The Affordable Care Act has separated healthcare from employment and has made a path to bring benefits like workers’ compensation to the individual instead of to the company. Could this be the way of the future, and a policy that will help cover many more Americans in times of need? The answer is anyone’s guess as of now.

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The Nobilis Healthcare company

Nobilis Health Company is a healthcare that offers great development and management services in full. It really looks forward to offering advanced medical care and offer great services to patients at lower and affordable costs having gathered much experience. Nobilis holds a great objective in providing increased opportunities to their physician partners. They are also greatly focused in enhancing organic growth, good operating procedures and market by improving profitability rates. This will see to it that patients get high standard care and will work to the benefit of both the surgeons and Nobilis as a whole. Northstar healthcare is initially what changed to Nobilis. This would work in reduction of confusion that would come later on companies using the same name in the USA. Physicians work together with it in owning and managing healthcare facilities and services located in different areas. Northstar places ownership and management of interests in five major centers. These are located in Dallas, Houston and Scottsdale, Arizona. An acute care hospital, an urgent care clinic and two imaging centers in Houston are also owned and managed by Northstar. Northstar, now the Nobilis Health, holds great expectations in the company and has gone a step further to express their anticipation of carried out operations. However, all this information stands out as expected by law since they can’t be guarantees of what happens in future. This is due to the risks and uncertainties that may emerge during the company’s progress. Nobilis Health goes further to carry out researches on traditional and good marketing channels. This has immensely assisted in realization of the correct mix to create awareness and educate their patients. As per their current campaigns, they have engaged tactics at both professional and consumer levels. This is meant to help them in identification and involvement of the right people for each of their programs.

Tips on Finding the Best Lawyers In Brazil

Very often people get into troubles and there comes the need for legal representation. The need for a lawyer could also be motivated by a fact like getting some injury or disability cases followed up. Without knowledge in technical fields like law, it can prove daunting to successfully proceed with some cases. However, choosing the right professional is another issue that many have not been able to achieve. It is necessary to take some time while searching for a lawyer so as to ensure the kind of professional you choose matches with your needs. Here are some of the facts you should hold into consideration before you can hire any lawyer in Brazil.

With more people getting into professional courses like law, it has become challenging to identify a reliable lawyer. Some people will use different techniques so as to masquerade as reliable professionals only to offer unreliable services. This explains the reason you should take more time to learn about different professionals before you can delegate them with the role of representing you in any legal tussle. Seek to know whether the person is registered under the right body to operate as a lawyer. This is a sure way to catch frauds and to get the best professional lawyers.

Experience, though overlooked many times, is a necessary consideration while searching for a lawyer. Ensure to consider the number of years a professional has been in business as this affects the way they offer their services. Experience translates to knowledge about a certain topic or field. Therefore, working with a knowledgeable professional could mean your issues will get personalized attention that will guarantee a positive outcome.

Professionals like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is have helped to change the way legal conduct is exercised by offering solutions to various issues that have been troubling many in the industry. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced lawyer and has been in the field for more than ten years. His contribution cannot be overlooked as he has mentored many young professionals who have been able to attain a top status in the industry. His main focus is ensuring all people working in the legal field maintain positive working relations.

Consulting professionals like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalhos is among ways you can get referrals to reliable professionals in the legal world. He has worked with many professionals and can tell which are able to handle different kinds of cases.

Injury Super Lawyer: Dan Newlin

Injury lawyers represent individuals on legal matters who have been injured out or in a court of law. This injury can either be physical or psychological and can be from another individual, company or government agency. This sort of damage does not end with the entity but also extends to property, rights and reputation. This type of lawyer is able to handle any case but they are usually restricted to cases that belong to the tort law category.

When an injury lawyer gets licensed to practice, he/she carries huge responsibilities of professional and ethical nature. These codes of conduct are set by the bar association that licenses that particular lawyer to practice. The sole responsibility lies with determining legal matters. This is usually done through interviewing prospective clients to establish the nature problem and then build up a strong case. The main aim is to ensure that the plaintiff gets justice or the compensation that he/she deserves for the injury and losses obtained from an incident. This comes in the following package: oral arguments, client counseling, advocacy and legal advice. When a settlement is not reached, the lawyer can take the case to trial.

The ultimate purpose of an injury lawyer is to ensure that the client is well compensated for when that happens, is when the client gets justice. One of the individuals who have helped people and companies alike get justice is Attorney Dan Newlin. He started his career at 20 years of age in law enforcement at New Chicago, Indiana Fire and Police Departments. He then served 10 years in Orland Florida at the Sheriff’s Office where he rose through the ranks and became the Sheriff’s detective. He has worked in numerous positions in police departments which include narcotic enforcement to Fugitive Division where he received numerous awards. Attorney Dan Newlin started his law school in 1997 at Florida State University graduating in the year 2000.

Today, he runs a team of highly experienced lawyers at his law firm Dan Newlin & Partners which serves Florida and Illinois. The firm provides legal services that are personalized with 18 attorneys who are experienced. It constitutes former state prosecutors, retired attorneys and Board Certified Surgeons with over 75 other employees. Attorney Dan Newlin prides in providing legal services for personal injury, construction accidents, medical negligence, wrongful death and wrongful criminal offence charge. The firm provides high class services that are committed to excellence and through attorney Dan Newlin’s leadership, the firm has been able to recover over 150 million dollars for injury victims.

In case of an injury, never shut yourself out. All that is needed is contacting the right injury lawyer. After that, justice will be served with the right compensation.

$50 Million Investment Adds To The Success Of Hand

The home service provider marketplace Handy has completed a high level of funding over recent months that has been reported by TechCrunch to have reached the $50 million level. Handy is celebrating on a number of fronts as the marketplace that was established in 2012 has also explained it has seen its one millionth customer use the service and be linked with a professional service provider. The funding will see Handy look to develop its own particular brand of customer service, which will include a huge investment made in switching the majority of services to an Online option.

Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan has explained the positives Handy has created over the last three years that include seeing more than 100,000 services provided through its marketplace each month in 2015. Hanrahan is also rightly proud of the fact Handy has developed a large database of professionals providing services for its customers in the U.S. and some of the world’s top foreign destinations. The development of an Online presence in locations such as London have added to the confidence many recent investors, headed by Fidelity Management have in the company.

Handy is not only celebrating the increase in customer levels, but is also celebrating the large rise in value the increase in funding has led to. Some industry experts are now stating the series C funding round has pushed the value of the company to more than $500 million, which is a remarkable achievement when a number of rival marketplaces have recently abandoned their own expansion plans. One area that many business analysts are looking for Handy to develop is the Smartphone customer market that has grown for many other Online service providers. The success of Online marketplaces in other areas, such as private taxi services has been a driving force in the development of Handy and the high level of funding seen in this round of investment opportunities.

Selecting A Real Estate Company In Brazil

Are you looking for information on real estate experts or real estate companies? Want to choose the best real estate company for your needs?

There are times when hiring a real estate company is absolutely necessary. If you are faced with the task of selling a house or if you are considering investing in the real estate market, then you need to hire the services of a qualified real estate professional or real estate company. These professionals have the expertise and training to help steer you in the right direction. With the services provided by real estate companies and their staff, you can rest assured that the transaction will be handled swiftly.

Keep in mind, not all of these real estate companies are the same. In short, some companies operate differently based on the laws and regulations in their area. A thorough review is essential before choosing one of these companies.

When looking at each real estate company in the Brazilian market, you need to compare the services they offer and other factors such as fees and reputation. This should help you determine if the company is a suitable choice for your needs. You also want to compare several different companies before deciding on the best one for you.

It is also advisable to choose a real estate company with a team of highly dedicated professionals. If you are looking for a company to help you in selling a house, the company should also offer flexible contract agreements and provide reasonable services for the costs or fees associated with selling real estate. Take the time to review the contract, read the fine print and be sure you understand everything outlined, before you put your signature on any document. This will help prevent problems in future and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

When it comes to choosing a professional that provides high quality and exceptional service in the real estate industry, consider Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. This expert is well known for ensuring complete customer service and works hard.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, a successful entrepreneur and one of the most recommended real estate professionals in Brazil, has been provided top notch services for many years. A a trusted real estate professional, Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has provided services to both institutional and individual clients. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has built a great reputation in the Brazilian real estate market and is highly respected in the community.