The Dawn of Holographic Entertainment

Fans at Coachella in 2012 were treated to a surprise performance by the late Tupac Shakur, who passed away in 1996. Referred to as a “hologram” by many at the performance, this digital image was actually based on a century-old trick called pepper’s ghost. Six projectors were hung from the ceiling above the stage and pointed down at a sheet of Mylar hung at a 45 degree angle. The resulting reflection created an incredibly life-like Tupac live performance.

Though it sounds like a simple parlor trick, the technology behind creating the image of a convincing-looking live performer is nothing short of state of the art. Fans and technology buffs alike starting going crazy, and the performance made global headlines. Two years later, the people behind the project also created a digital Michael Jackson performance for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

“When the people who knew Michael best started crying at the show, we knew we’d done something. Then we started crying.” Says John Textor, the man credited as the pioneer of this new industry, known as holographic entertainment.

Textor has extensive experience in both entertainment and technology. Textor has found business success in different industries, working with snowboards and children’s products before working for Digital Domain and Pulse Evolution Corporation, for which he is better-known. In 1997, Textor co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings, a private equity firm focused on entertainment, telecommunication, and internet.

In 2006, Textor became the CEO and chairman of Digital Domain and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. The companies have done the visual effects for more than 80 different films, 25 of which were done under Textor’s leadership. Films like Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and Ender’s Game are examples of the work of Digital Domain. The company also earned multiple academy awards for their work creating the first believable performance by a digital character in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Textor began working more with film when he became a producer and executive producer for Ender’s Game. He’s currently working as a producer for the upcoming Disney movie Art Story, with acclaimed director Aaron Blaise.

He has moved on from Digital Domain, to become executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse is a digital production that specializes in the applications of computer-generated human likeness.

Meanwhile, three years later, the world is still buzzing about these “holograms.” The Michael Jackson performance generated more than 98 billion internet impressions worldwide.

“We’re hearing from a lot of estates and promoters saying, ‘We’re ready for a concert,'” says Textor. The list of possibilities for turning deceased artists into live performances is as long as the list of deceased artists.

Beyond this, there could be many applications for the technology, from creating life-like virtual surgeries for studying med students, or 3D combat simulations for soldiers. Where Textor takes the world with this exciting technology is yet to be seen, but sure to excite.

Susan McGalla’s Unique Talent Management Leadership

Susan McGalla began her profession at Joseph Horne firm where she was working in different marketing and management posts from 1986 all through to 1994. She was employed at American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise as a purchaser for women clothes and worked at the firm in different management duties until she was made the president of the company. Talent management includes organizing and planning for human capital needs. It is a universal application of tactical planning to make it easier for business to accomplish their objectives.

Susan is an especially renowned talent manager. She is the one who established the p3 executive consulting LLC. P3 executive concentrates largely on the on organizational growth, supply chain and resourceful expansion on retail brands. Nevertheless, p3 does not place its maximum value of the retail business. Susan as well targets to assist his fellow women to be successful in business as professional. She grew up in a family with brothers and father, who was a football coach, and that motivated her to put more effort in her work and be confident in her ideas regardless her gender. She states that it afterward assisted her to be successful as a top manager in the male-dominated firm called American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

Due to her general thinking outside the box, several of Sarah’s techniques are not what most individuals would anticipate. For instance, she reported that she experienced a certain degree of discrimination when she began working at American Eagle because of her gender. Nevertheless, instead of taking it in her opinion, she took it as a final indication to prove that she is capable of doing it. She will make sure that she is not the last one in arriving at the meeting.

Currently, McGalla is famous for her untiring work ethic. This has resulted to several job offers from the corporate world. However, in her condition, she preferred to work as a private counselor for retail and financial industries to help other women. She ultimately she utilized this experience into her establishing of p3 executive and she is among the top leads that those doing work in finances look for remedies or retail or clothing industries.

Sarah is a leader not only for other women hopeful to work in a commercial position but for business all the places. Currently, McGalla is considered to be among the most well-known women leaders in the business world, not only for p3 or American Eagle but countrywide as well. Sarah’s model is proper to be the one that will be an encouragement for coming generations.

Lawyers In Brazil: Getting A Lawyer To Handle Your Case

Are you desperately searching for a high profile lawyer in Brazil? Do you want to find a lawyer who is capable of helping you resolve a complex legal problem? Having a competent lawyer on your side is a great way to handle a difficult or complex legal issue.

Many people try to handle legal problems on their own, in order to save money on legal fees, but it’s always a good idea to get a lawyer. You can always benefit immensely from a lawyer’s expertise and experience. Attempting to handle a legal matter yourself may complicate the case or legal process, so it is important that there are things you are capable of and there are things that should be left to the experts.

If you want to increase your chances of getting the best possible result in your case, you certainly want to contact a lawyer immediately. Most lawyers offer a free consultation to go over your case and determine how they can help you.

There are many lawyers in Brazil that can help you with any type of case or dispute you are facing. But keep in mind that not all of these lawyers in Brazil handle the same type of case. It is advisable to research properly in order to find a lawyer who is experienced in the type of case you are dealing with.

Lawyers handle a wide variety of legal issues and different types of cases. Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, suffered an injury due to a slip and fall incident on someone’s property, or you are involved in a business dispute, there is a lawyer out there for you. All these things are situations where a good lawyer can make huge a difference in handling your case.

In a situation involving business conflict or dispute, for example, you will need a business litigation lawyer to represent you. Business law matters often end up in court, and if you are involved in such a case it’s imperative that you hire a lawyer who is well versed in business and corporate law litigation.

Before hiring a lawyer, you may want to set up an appointment with the lawyer, to discuss the details of your case. During the consultation, you will be able to determine whether or not the lawyer is genuinely interested in representing you. You will be able to present your concerns and ask questions, and by paying close attention to the lawyer’s response you can tell if the lawyer is a good fit for your situation or need.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a successful litigation lawyer in Brazil. As an expert in business law litigation, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has represented many clients over the years. Ricardo Tosto has a thorough knowledge of litigation law and has produced excellent results for clients. He listens carefully to his clients and then develops a winning litigation strategy. Mr Ricardo Tosto runs his own highly reputable law firms in Brazil.

A Company That Is On The Move

Slyce is the Canadian born company that has brought us the Snap to buy technology on their apps. This is a wonderful technology that allows a user to see an item that they want, take a picture of that item, and then their mobile device will use that picture in order to purchase that very same product. This is a process that is done within minutes, and it allows a person to purchase the exact item that they want instead of having to go on normal search engines on their mobile device or on their computer. This image recognition on slyce is really revolutionary because it saves a person a lot of time, and of course a lot of energy. Many thousands of people are using this technology right now and they are able to reap the benefits of it.

Slyce was originally created by Cameron Chell and Erika Racico. These were two like minded individuals that came together to create this concept. They were business partners in a firm and they originally had their office in Calgary Canada, but later they went on to move their office to Toronto Canada. Now Slyce has offices in different parts of Canada, and they also have offices in parts of the US. At the Mobile World Congress that took place in Barcelona Spain, Slyce launched its technology. They were able to get over six million in funding by the time of the launch. Many investors found that the apps were going to be a great investment, and later by the beginning of 2014 they were able to get together another 4 million dollars in funding. Slyce was able to acquire a few other app development companies, and that aided them with the development of their app.

Slyce is still a company that is relatively new. Their technology is state of the art, and that is why as a company they have been able to get so much financial support from individuals that are in the know in the industry. There is no doubt about it, Slyce is a very promising company. In the few years that have past since their beginning, they have grown quickly, and they have improved their apps to make them even more versatile and more user friendly.

Creator of the Mulligan Concept of Manual Theory : Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is a very successful physiotherapist. He went to the NZ school of physiotherapy and got his qualifications in 1954.He has a private practice in Wellington, New Zealand. He is also a national lecturer when it comes to manual therapy. Since the early 1960s Brian has had a unique interest towards manual therapy. Manual therapy was introduced into the field by Stanley Paris. His mentor is Freddy Kaltenborn. He also admires the many contributions of others like James Cyriax, Geoff Maitland, Robin Mckenzie and Robert Elvey. In 1968, a small group of physiotherapists and Brian formed the NZ Manipulative Therapist Association. He and Robin McKenzie was the main teachers of a newly formed Post graduate program for the Diploma of Manipulative Therapy. Brian has taught in numerous cities. In total he has taught in 91 cities in the United States, and in 20 countries in the entire world.Brian’s techniques have been supported by over 100 articles . These articles have been published in scientific journals. You can read about Brian literally all around the world. He has won so many awards it’s hard to keep track .Brian created in 1995 an international organization that accredits teachers.
Today there is 48 Mulligan concept teachers from 18 different nations. The Mulligan Concept of Manual Theory, a theory that Brian developed is still being taught around the world. Even though he’s retired from actively practicing physiotherapy he continues to teach and draw many crowds of medical practitioners.Brian has been married for over 50 years and has a son, two daughters, 5 grand daughters, and a grandson. He loves to be outdoors and he also enjoys playing golf and piano. Not only is Brian a physiotherapist, he was also a pilot. He had a private pilot’s license but he had to give it up because of his busy lifestyle. His health is still excellent and he still has a lot of energy even after all these years. His favorite quote is Louis Pasteur’s: “In the field of discovery chance only favors the prepared mind”. He is the author of a textbook that describes his own techniques. He also has created 4 teaching videos . His latest videos and book both have excellent reviews from professional journals. Physiotherapists all over the world are fortunate to have a chance to meet Brian,because he developed a movement among manual therapy that will be popular now, and in the future.

New Faces of the Human Rights Frontline

As long as there are people in the world being treated as less than human, as animals, there will be people fighting for them. This unique class of humans stretches far back into history and all around the globe. With that in mind, I wanted to introduce some of the new players of the human rights game to you. These individuals focus on different areas, but are all focused on the same goal: Everyone should have a chance.

When Nisha Ayub was 21, she was sentenced to three months in prison for being a man dressing as a woman. After she was released, she made it her goal to not see others suffer for being who they were. She founded two organization, the Seed Foundation and Justice for Sisters, whose goals were to repeal transgender laws and support fellow transgender people, sex workers and people living with HIV in Malaysia.

Yara Bader’s fight focuses on Syria, where she has worked as a journalist to expose what happens to fellow journalists, aid workers, and human rights activists who speak out. In 2012, forces in Syria raided the offices Bader and her husband worked in and charged them with releasing prohibited information. While she was released, her husband is still in jail, being tortured. She now works even harder to expose the Syrian government’s prejudice against journalists and the people that work to defend their freedoms.

The limited freedom of expression and association, along with the questionable ethics of the authoritarian former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan caused investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova to speak up for the slighted and ignored. In 2011, she reported on the expropriation of property and the eviction of homeowners in the government’s goal of appropriation of land for construction for Eurovision. She has also exposed the ruling family’s leveraging of transportation, government mining operations, and banks. While at first she was threatened and had a smear campaign ran against her, she was ultimately sentenced to prison on September 1st for seven years and six months.

Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea, where she was told not to even whisper. Yeonmi Park speaks out on youngvoicesadvocates about the strict class system instilled in all citizens. As a prisoner’s daughter, she was told she didn’t have a future. She and her mother crossed the border to China and at 15 years old, crossed the Gobi desert into Mongolia. At 21 years old, she is defying her former country and speaking up for her fellow countrymen and women. “[…] people in North Korea are dying for food and freedom, and it’s not just freedom of expression – it’s of wearing jeans or watching movies.” While Park works to get the word out about the regime, it’s not standing by idly. They have used Parks erratic, trauma-addled memory to cause suspicion and doubt. I hope that she and her fellow defectors can bring hope.

Brad Reifler Offers Sound Financial Advice

Brad Reifler has several years of experience as an investor and an entrepreneur. His experience has been achieved through his many years of working for many United States-based companies. It took him many years to work to the top. At the moment, he is the founder of Forefront Capital LLC. His career started way back in the 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Company. The company managed finances in discretionary accounts then later advanced to institutional research. Later, RTC grew to become one of the biggest independent future operations. In 2000, Brad sold his business to Refco Inc., which is the world’s largest futures firm. At the moment, Brad’s focus is on Forefront.

Owing to his success, Brad is celebrated as a renowned investor. Here are five tips that he offered to anybody aspiring to make it big in the investment sector by making safe investments and having satisfying returns:

The safety of your money should be a priority.
Avoid putting all your money in the stock market.
Be cautious on how you invest your money. Take into consideration the charges, expenses and risks. Have an inventory of your assets and create goals.
Have a reason for investing. Consider the reason for investment. Consider how much you put into the investment. If you see it working out well, add more money to it.
Know who will invest your money and gain trust in the manager of your funds.

When Reifler joined the investment industry, his primary focus was to accredited investors. An accredited investor is one who makes two hundred thousand dollars in a year or an individual who is worth more than a million dollars without factoring in their house. Later, he noted that non-accredited investors make up 99 percent of the population yet they are ignored. That is when he decided to take up a different path. Today, Forefront LLC allows investors to invest as little as two thousand five hundred dollars.

The Legacy of Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray, former CEO of CCMP Capital passed away this year. The company he left behind, CCMP Capital has most likely gone through the stages of change and grief just as a family does when experiencing the loss of a loved one. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wikipedia known for its buyouts, was left without their leader, and today they continue on in their mission as usual.

As a founding partner, the company looked to Murray for his leadership and vision. Having left J.P. Morgan Chase, the company was to be a separate branch in an attempt to create another new kid on the block for middle-market buyouts. Raising more than $3 billion dollars for its latest fund, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital taught other executives what it means to look at each aspect of the business with fervor.

Fellow executives regarded Murray as a phenomenal “deal maker”. As an investor, that is a huge compliment in a market that eludes most consumers. The areas of interest for this firm included consumer, industrial, healthcare and energy sectors. What are the largest and most profitable areas for CCMP?

Consumers most likely included things like credit card purchases, retail, and the behavior of consumers. Industrial buyouts include the makers of items that consumers use on a regular basis. Glass companies, textile companies, and other manufacturers of items that individuals and businesses use on a regular basis would fall into the realm of what CCMP focused on from a business perspective. Healthcare and energy is most likely where CCMP made most of its money.

Healthcare is an ever changing and evolving field, with dramatic changes coming in hospitals, specialized clinics, and hospitals, CCMP would have potentially been able to invest billions of dollars when necessary. Outside of the clinics and offices, consider that the need for medical supplies has grown as well. Last bu not least, energy deregulation made it possible for new ventures to pop up for investments in new providers of energy services.

The ability to build a firm that invested in industries that are active every day is what made CCMP and Murray a success story. Although he passed away, his ability to share his skills and knowledge have put CCMP in a position that is advantageous.

Reuseable Bottles Seek To Lessen “Whale” Of An Impact Of Bottled Water Waste

A recent article in takepart highlights the environmental impact of plastic water bottles. Cod Steaks, a design and model making firm based in Bristol, England, has constructed an art installation in the Bristol city center constructed entirely of plastic water bottles. The installation, “The Bristol Whales” was constructed by using 70,000 plastic water bottles that were discarded by runners and spectators at the Bath Marathon and Bristol 10K race.

The piece depicts two whales emerging out of an ocean made out of plastic. The whales measure 30 feet long at the head and 50 feet long at the tail. The heads and tails of both whales combined weigh 12 tons. The heads and tails are constructed from biodegradable willow, while the the bodies of the whales and the waves of water are constructed from the discarded plastic bottles.

Cod Steaks designed the installation to highlight the severe environmental impact of plastic water bottles, particularly the acute impact they have at events like races where participants and viewers consume water in huge amounts. It is estimated that over 200 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away each year globally. 50 billion of those bottles are in the United States.

Reuseable water bottles are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles. One American company, S’well, manufactures a re-useable bottle that that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. S’well was founded in 2010 by Sarah Krauss, who wanted to reduce the impact of disposable plastic bottles while providing an attractive and fashionable alternative. The bottles are made of stainless steel and come in a variety of colors and textures.

As the Bristol Whales demonstrate, the bottled water industry has a tremendous negative impact on the environment. Alternatives like S’well can help provide a solution to this problem.

Urban Redevelopment Changes Entire Town

Few companies can boast about the positive changes they have brought to communities the way Boraie Development LLC can. Whether it is redeveloping the quad and dorms for Rutgers College, lower end housing such as affordable condos, or completely renovating down town streets to bring commerce and families back to an area once left in neglect, Boraie puts in the time and research to pull off amazing results.

Boraie Development LLC focuses on meeting the needs areas, with excellent planning, restructuring, and knowledge of socioeconomic needs. The company has a revamped an old junk yard, located in a prime area near an elementary school, into quality built, low income housing with some even to be sold at lower than going rate to qualified buyers.

Johnson & Johnson deciding to stay in New Brunswick area gave reason to build high rise condos and revamp the city streets from the 1968 race riots which left the area burnt down and derelict looking. By 1972 when work started, all families had left and it was the type of area you would not be caught on the street after dark. “There were 21 vacant and dilapidated buildings on this block,” says Omar Boraie. “So I started buying one after another. When I was done, I went to the city and said, ‘Here is the plan.’ At first, the city thought he was crazy, until the work was complete. Albany Street Plaza Tower One and Tower Two were erected in the 21 former run down city blocks and brought much needed Class A office space to the area. Soon after, he realized in order to stimulate growth that high end housing would be needed too. The One Spring Street Condominium building came next, the highest building in New Brunswick brought condominiums, office space, retail stores and a parking garage to entice office workers to move into the area.

Future plans for Boraie Development LLC include a third Albany Street Tower, and developments in Atlantic City and Newark, NJ. Aspiring to bring professionals back to this end of the city such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and others, many feel Boraie Development has met their goal and exceeded it.