Lobster Roll Out

Move aside Big Macs, quarter pounders, and McChickens! A popular item from McDonald’s is back on the menu! It’s something that will appeal to many because of the rave reviews it’s gotten, how low cal it is, and the fact that it doesn’t come around as often as it should.

I’m talking about the Lobster Roll. According to Eater, It’s back on the menu at McDonald’s. But, I wouldn’t get too excited. You won’t be able to pick up this bad boy for lunch or dinner unless you live in New England. This marks an exciting time in the life of New Englanders. Every time summer rolls around, McDonald’s many requests to bring back the popular menu item. So here it is. It can be a bit pricey. One of these will cost you 8 dollars which is more expensive than almost all over menu items. It’s easy to see why. The roll is stuffed with premium North Atlantic lobster.

According to Brian Bonar, the lobster roll has mayonaise and a toasted bun so the calorie count on it is a little surprising. This sandwich only has 290 calories, making it one of the most low calorie options on the menu. It looks and sounds delicious, but it makes those of us who don’t live in New England a little sad. Just because other states aren’t as known for their fish, doesn’t mean that they should be deprived from the option of this tasty treat.

Time to Get Social

It is no secret that living an active and nutritious life will help to make sure that our lives are longer. In an article released by the Wall Street Journal an author denotes how being social on a regular basis could actually improve on the lifespan of individuals. At this day and age there is an overwhelming notion for individuals to have a high account of personal independence. It is an iconic American value that very few people, young or old, question. One example of this is looking at previous generations where retired citizens would live with their family. Nowadays retirees have ensured that they can make enough money to live on their own if that’s what they choose to do. The surge of technology has also ensured that we are more independent and less physically connected to the people around us.


This recent research has shown us that being alone could shorten a person’s life span without them even realizing it. Julianne Holt-Lunstad led a team of researchers at Brigham Young University that set to study how living alone, or at the very least spending a lot of your time alone, could call into question your physical and psychological resilience. Individuals who spend more of their time alone, who feel lonely, or who are living alone have a 30 percent risk of dying seven years sooner than what was naturally thought. More research will be conducted and the lead scientist plans on finding out why something as small as social interaction can affect the length of life. That’s something a few at Madison Street Capital find interesting.

Pope Francis Continues To Shake Up Church Teachings

The Pope Recently Said It May Be Acceptable For Catholics To Separate Or Divorce If Couples Are At War

Pope Francis hasn’t made any doctrinal changes on marriage or gay marriages, but reformers within the church are coming. Even though church doctrine hasn’t been changed on those issues and several others, the Pope has opened a door and let the 21st century into the church. The Argentinian Pontiff is aware that the church is seriously behind the times, and his mission is to bring Catholic teaching up to par with modern day reality.

The Pope’s recent Papal Letter is a good example of his mindset. He knows his religion has to change in order for the masses to conform. Religion is a core belief, and if it stays stagnant in its own rhetoric, the faithful will rebel, and find a way to justify their actions. Those actions include divorce, gay relationships, missing church and not going to confession.

The Catholic Church and other religions play a pivotal part in the human belief structure, and the perceptions that develop from those beliefs. The Pope is showing the world that change is the only constant in life, and compromise is a noble truth. That’s something Crystal Hunt can get behind.

The Man with the Free Food

You do not have to be an extraordinary person to do extraordinary acts of kindness. These heroes who are doing what they can to help those in need inspire the rest of us to do better. Azhar Maqsusi is a businessman in Hyderabad. Sam Tabar suggests that homeless people in his region have been getting blessed by Azhar’s acts of kindness for many years. For the last three years, Azhar has been feeding the homeless people of his region financed by his own money. The Dabeerpaur

Bridge in Hyberabad is the place where homeless people show up every afternoon to receive Azhar’s act of kindness. These people find their own plates, they wash them, and then they wait patiently in line to get a free and hot meal. Azhar recalled what initially made him start his selfless adventure. After driving home from work one day one of his tires popped. Instead of calling a mechanic to come and tow his car Azhar took the train home. He met a woman who had both feet amputated and who was sitting under the bridge crying out and asking for food and not money.

Azhar immediately gave her the food that he had packed for lunch that day and empathized with the woman. When Azhar was four, his father had died. It took a lot for his brother to raise him and his siblings and he couldn’t help but remember what it was like going to bed hungry. Azhar continues to make sure that no one in his neighborhood has to go through what he went through.

The Prestigious World of Water

Water, a supposedly tasteless renewable source that has helped the human’s survive ever since the dawn of man. Up until now, Facebook users say that water has just been a part of everyday life. Developed countries, especially, take water for granted as something that will always be here.

This perspective is not what the prestigious water competition is Berkeley Springs, West Virginia thinks. Recently the 25th anniversary of this water competition was held where around 84 contestants sent in their water to be tasted. This competition has even had the honor or being called the “Oscars of water”.

This competition was started by Arthur von Wiesenberger is is the foremost expert on water. He states that with the environmental damage causing droughts, now is the best time to show the public that good quality of water is the best kind of water. He wants to educated the public that water should be cherished and not thrown away.

The competition consists of a panel of judges, all inexperienced. It is the job of Wiesenberger to train each judge to the ways of water tasting. The determination of the winner of the contest is a long process. By the end, the winner has one of the highest honors of calling the bottled bottle one of the best waters in the world. This competition is strangely very prestigious which is interesting to think of when many people take the access to water for granted.

Investigation Reveals Whole Foods Is Overcharging Customers

When people shop at their local grocery stores they expect to get what the label says they are getting. If the label says three pounds of meat, then they expect to get three pounds of meat, not two and a half, but three. Unfortunately it was found out that the customer is not always getting what they pay for.

An investigation on the grocery chain Whole Foods is now complete and it revealed some disturbing news. The grocery chain is ripping their customers off by overcharging them. The investigation was conducted on over 100 stores around New York. The store chain with the most violations was Whole Foods. The inspectors weighed over 80 different packages of meat and every single label was wrong. Most of the time the scales revealed that the customer was indeed being overcharged.

For many consumers it is bad enough to know what they are paying for, they are already feeling overcharged says Jaime Garcia Dias. To not know is something different entirely. Whole Foods will have some explaining to do. It could be found that it is a technical issue, weights and scales do break down from time to time. How the store reacts to the news, and what they plan to do about it will reveal to their customers if they should take their business elsewhere.

Turkey Shortage

Well, it’s really no secret now that the Bird Flu has swept through parts of the United States, and left somewhat of a large path of destruction. I’m not just talking about the birds.

Thanks to the Bird Flu. Prices on everything have sky rocketed. From eggs, to products that use eggs such as certain type of salad dressings, we are seeing the prices go up majorly. This is because there isn’t as much of that product around as there was before. Fortunately, we haven’t seen any shortages in eggs or other products…yet.

According to GrubStreet when Thanksgiving rolls around we very well may see a shortage in turkeys. This is because the Bird flu has swept out many of them, and might just continue to do so. This is devastating news for many across the country that celebrate that holiday. After all, it really isn’t going to feel like Thanksgiving without that staple of Turkey glistening on the table. Of course, there are other options when it comes to prepping for that special day. It doesn’t have to be a total loss if there’s no turkey.

So what are you to do? It might not be a bad idea to start taking precautions now says CCMP Capital. If you’re lucky enough to find a nice size turkey, you could attempt to freeze it. Otherwise, other options might have to be taken into consideration. Perhaps tofurkey? Or switching to another holiday meal like ham or lamb.

Clean Air is on the Way

Supporters and participants who are engaged in the fight for clean energy have just received a huge commitment by investors. The White House managed to get investors to promise $4,000,000,000 to the research of clean energy. The group of donors includes philanthropies, institutional investors, and foundations that have seen enough potential in clean energy projects to want to help. The goal was originally set at 2 million dollars back in February which surpasses the 4 billion dollars that supporters have pledged. In the beginning of their action plan there was a huge and overwhelming number of institutions that wanted to hop on board. The institutions and foundations that are donating this money have been granted increased access to information and technical assistance for clean energy research. Many of these companies have a wide range of knowledge and equipment that can further help the study of clean energy. The Energy Department was quoted to be in the works of launching and founding a center to further the study of clean energy.


The Clean Energy and Impact Investment Center will be constructed and used to find more donors and philanthropies to finance the fight for clean energy. Jim Dondero thinks this is a great idea after reading through it all. There are more than 17 national laboratories in the United States who have joined forces to figure out how to tackle the clean energy crisis. Supporters also received encouragement from places like Alaska, New Zealand, & a few other continents to name a few. The act is looking at about a five year span, but researchers are hoping that the effects of their research will be immediate.

Are Roller Coasters Really Safe?

The famous amusement park, Magic Mountain, is getting much exposure after a 10 year old girl dies from injuries on the ride. Jasmine Martinez was riding the “Revolution” when ride operators found her to be unconscious after the ride was over. Officials think that this may be linked to a pre-existing condition that the girl had and perhaps didn’t know about it. To help prove their theory, an autopsy will be done to look at the cause of death.

Back in 2001, a woman with a pre-existing condition stepped on a roller coaster and died instantly. The woman had a brain aneurysm that she was unaware of. This leads officials to a difficult task of determining whether these rides are even safe. Anyone can have a medical problem that they don’t know anything about. The rides are being built bigger, faster and taller than ever before in an attempt to lure plenty of enthusiasts. Still, they post warning signs all over the entrance of the rides saying that those with heart problems and other conditions shouldn’t ride. But how many people actually listen to those warnings?

Even a perfectly healthy person such as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can have a disk slip in their back or neck from being jerked around at top speeds, according to studies. While these rides are fun and really get the adrenaline pumping, whether they’re safe is a whole matter all together. With the news being full of reports of break downs and deaths, it might need further investigation.

Two Boys Rescue Kids from Burning Home

Two young Florida boys are being hailed as heroes in their town of Oakland today. 10-year-old Isiah Francis and 11-year-old Jeremiah Grimes were hanging out together on a lazy summer day together, sitting on the couch while watching videos and playing games. All of a sudden one of the boys began to smell something strange. Upon further investigation they found that there was smoke spewing from the house next door to them. Without hesitation, the boys ran next door to find out what was going on.

When they got next door, they found their neighbor trying to douse the flames. He told the boys that there were still kids inside. stated NJ Biz. The boys sprang into action. Isiah, with Jeremiah’s guidance, went inside the home and located two young children in the kitchen. He rescued a 1-year-old and an 8-month-old from the fiery home. The boys had also found the time to call 911 to alert the fire department. By the time Isiah pulled the children out, the fire department had arrived and rescued two other children that were still inside.

The fire department does not know the cause of the fire just yet. The two children that Isiah and Jeremiah rescued are in good condition. The other two children are in the hospital where they are listed as critical but stable.

For the full story, along with a video, check it out on Big Story AP.