Carnival Company gives back to Kids who Missed Out

PS 120, an elementary school located in Flushing, Queens, New York, recently threw an end-of-the-years carnival celebration for their students. The kids were treated to rides, games, and sweet treats during the school day by Send in the Clowns Entertainment, hired by the school. However, not all kids from PS 120 were invited to partake in the fun.

According to the story on The NY Post, students were required to pay $10 for an entry fee into the carnival. Kids who were not able to pay the fee were forced to sit in the auditorium all day while their peers were out having fun. There were around 100 kids who came from immigrant or low-income families that were not able to afford the $10 entry fee. Sources say that some of those kids who were not able to participate were in tears while they listened to the other children enjoying the day outside.

Once Send in the Clowns heard about the children who were not able to afford to attend the event, they decided to throw a free carnival for those children. The owner of the company, Gary Pincus, said that the children matter most to him and that had he known earlier about the children who could not afford to attend, he would have paid for them.

Thanks to Jim Dondero for showing me this news!

Fire Ants Floating on Water

Today, Wednesday, May 27, Reddit users are discussing a unique phenomenon witnessed by residents of North Texas last week during the heavy rains. Fire ants were seen in massive colonies of millions of ants floating on flood waters. One witness, Nathan Tiller, believed that he was seeing a large throw rug in the water until he saw that the surface moved.

Fire ants are a type of aggressive reddish-brown and black ant known for its defensive stinging action and toxic venom. The action and venom make people and animals feel like they have been burned.

The ants in North Texas usually do not usually have colonies near large settlements because of human intervention, but business owners said the floods have now brought them into residential areas. The floating masses are made of a latticework of ants. Each ant moves from the water to the top of the mass in a patterned way that prevents the colony from drowning until the ants can reach land.

People don’t have to worry about the ants attacking them as long as people do not directly come in contact with a floating mass or mound. Since fire ant venom can sometimes kill, experts recommend that residents watch where they walk and keep pets from roaming until the waters subside and the ants rebuild their mounds.

Some environmentalists believe that the ants’ behavior indicates that fire ants have a high level of intelligence.

Beneful Dog Treat Buying Guide

Beneful dog snacks help many people when they train their pets. Each snack is packed with flavor, so dogs will do many tricks so that they can receive a treat as a reward. Beneful dog treats are available in most grocery stores and pet stores. The company manufactures many traditional snacks and baked snacks.

Beneful Healthy Smile

Every Healthy Smile dog treat has a meaty center that has parsley accents. Dogs enjoy chewing these snacks because the middle of the shells have real meat. Consumers, however, buy this product because it keeps their pets’ teeth healthy and strong by reducing tartar and plaque build-up.

Beneful Healthy Smile – Twists

This product offers the same dental benefits as the original product. However, these snacks have a twisted shape. The unique design provides more parsley flavor in every bite.

Beneful Baked Delights

Beneful Baked Delights are oven-baked dog treats. Each snack has an apple-flavored filling in the middle and a bacon-flavored shell. Beneful also makes baked bacon and cheese snacks and baked chicken and cheese snacks. The baked beef and cheese treats have a different shell that is somewhat crispy.

Beneful Snacks as Training Tools

Beneful’s baked dog treats (Facebook) are efficient training tools since they have a compact size. Small treats are better than large snacks because pets must eat the treats quickly while they train.

Because Beneful manufactures different flavored dog treats, trainers can select various options for different pets. Usually, some dogs will response quicker if they like the flavor of a certain snack.

If a dog has dietary restrictions, standard dog food pellets can be used during the training sessions instead. Beneful offers a number of dog food options for dogs and puppies, so finding a proper product is never a hassle.

Overall, Beneful dog snacks can be used as a reward during training sessions or as a nice treat for a hungry dog.

Keith Mann battles cancer without the use of conventional medicines

Keith Mann is a well known animal rights activist who has been fighting to help save animals from mistreatment for the majority of his life. Mann has recently been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer known as follicular lymphoma that it is possible could be treated using conventional medicines. However, because of the strong stance Keith has taken on animal rights throughout his life he is not seeking the help of medicines that may have been tested on animals and will instead be pursuing natural remedies, an article posted to Buzzfeed reports.

Keith Mann’s career as a campaigner for animal rights has taken him in a number of different directions, including to stand in the 2008 general election as a candidate for the Animal Welfare Party, which former CNN host Piers Morgan recently backed. Mann has been arrested on a number of occasions because of his beliefs that animals have rights, which began when he completed a short work placement while at school. Working at a dairy farm Mann asked why the cows were making a noise similar to crying and was told they were grieving for the calves taken from them to increase milk production.

His beliefs have led Keith Mann to question how he will treat his own form of cancer, which can be treated but has no known cure. Instead of using medications created by pharmaceutical companies whose practices he opposes Mann will instead seek the use of natural remedies such as Gerson Therapy to aid his fight and is seeking contributions to his treatment made through his Website.

Watch a BBC interview with Mann

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A Possible Wonder Drug That Rejuvenates Brain and Muscle Cells

Eternal youth has been a quest of humanity for uncounted ages. It has largely, however, been an exercise in futility throughout the bulk of human history. Medical advances over the past few decades have extended lifespans longer than they have ever been in human history, but this has not been accompanied by much of any actual slowing of the aging process. We simply live longer into and through old age. There has been a movement going, which has picked up steam in the past decade. It is called transhumanism, and it seeks, among its other goals, the radical extension of human lifespans. Not just living longer as an incredibly decrepit and feeble old person but actually extending vibrant, youthful years.

Scientists have made a breakthrough along these lines in the form of a drug that has been shown to rejuvenate brain and muscle tissue in mice. The story comes with all the usual caveats that the research is in its early stages, and there’s much work to be done, but this is still big news. The basic theory is that we age because adult stem cells no longer replace our damaged cells. This is where a drug known as Alk5 kinase inhibitor enters the picture as it has been shown to get those stem cells off their duffs and getting them back to work restoring your cells to health. If these results can be duplicated in humans someday, this will represent a major breakthrough in keeping people young and healthy if you ask those on the LinkedIn page at Gravity4.

Bruce Jenner Tells Kris She Treated Him Badly In Their Marriage

Bruce Jenner hasn’t been holding back lately, during his 2 hour Diane Sawyer Bruce spoke about the details of his sex change, and the life he has lead leading up to his final decision to become a woman. While the news of Bruce’s transition seemed to come out of nowhere, some believe that if anyone knew of Bruce’s secret it had to be Kris Jenner.

Kris has continued to deny that she knew anything about Bruce’s plan to become a woman, and insists that she never thought his issue was anything other than a “quirk.” During the airing of the Diane Sawyer Special Bruce’s first wife actually said that he was honest with her about his gender identity issues, however Kris was not featured in the special and is said to have declined speaking with the producers. Mikal Watts was a little surprised by that.

Now clips of the special “About Bruce,” episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we see Bruce finally speaking candidly with Kris about how he felt about their marriage and the fact that he believes he was treated badly in the final stages of their marriage. Kris Jenner breaks down in tears during the clip, and says that she doesn’t think Bruce has been as honest as he could or should have been.

Bruce says that Kris’s attitude towards him is the biggest reason for his silence. Now that we are getting the Kardashians’s side for Bruce’s transition, we can finally start putting the pieces to together.

Iran Sparks More Persian Gulf Tension as It Attacks a Cargo Vessel from Singapore

The cargo vessel from Singapore called the “Alpine Eternity” may have narrowly escaped an act of aggression from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy. The vessel clearly in international waters when five armed small fast boats approached the vessel. The Alpine Eternity was ordered to change course and sail into Iran’s territorial waters. When the ship’s captain refused to comply, it was fired upon.

Reports are that the shots were fired at the ship’s bough according to Amen Clinic. That said, the shots were not across the bough in the form of a warning. Instead, they were directed at the ship in a bid to render it inoperable. While the vessel was struck, it continued to function and was able to get into the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The ship’s captain issued a distress call and three UAE coast guard ships came to its rescue. The ship was not loaded with any cargo. No one aboard the ship was injured. There were no Americans aboard the vessel either.

News of the attack comes at a critical moment. The president is currently hosting representatives of Arab Emirate states at Camp David. The subject of the summit is to discuss security issues against the rising threat of Iran. Also, the president is currently negotiating a nuclear enrichment deal with Iran. The tentative deal is highly controversial as critics charge it will actually enable Iran to develop nuclear warheads. Israel has been the fiercest critic of the Iran nuclear framework.

Verizon turns $60 Account Credit into $60,000 Hospital Bill

The latest in telecom company customer service mishaps is as serious as a heart attack. Angela Hawkins called in to Verizon to sort out a $60 account credit she had been promised by a customer service rep. That $60 account credit turned into a $60,000 hospital bill after Hawkins suffered a heart attack following the phone call.

Hawkins attempted to sort out the account credit with a customer service representative who directed her to speak with a supervisor. When the supervisor came on the line Hawkins was accused of threatening to kill customer service reps in the call center.

Hawkins was so distraught by the accusation that she actually had a heart attack. She went to see a physician shortly after the incident that confirmed the heart attack and ordered a stint to be placed in one of Hawkins’ arteries. The total hospital bill ran about $60,000 says source Brian Torchin.

The supervisor called later after reviewing the call recording to apologize for the miscommunication. Hawkins has decided to show how she feels about the phone call with a big fat lawsuit against Verizon for pain and suffering. Her attorneys are asking for $2.35 million to clear up the “miscommunication”.

In the end it was proven that Hawkins never threatened anyone. She didn’t get that $60 account credit either.

Wavy Gravy to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

1960s counterculture icon Wavy Gravy will be putting on a concert in Sonoma, California to benefit the victims of the recent Nepal earthquake. Rock band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes will be performing. Tickets cost 50 dollars, and the venue where the concert will be held uses power from solar energy.

Wavy Gravy is no stranger to hosting big concerts since he helped MC the Woodstock festival in 1969. Now, he’s about to turn 79. After Woodstock, Wavy Gravy helped found a charitable organization called Seva. Their usual work is to help raise money to help people who are blind, but the organization will be distributing the money raised at the Sonoma concert in Nepal. Technology businessman Steve Jobs and concert promoter Bill Graham were early supporters of the organization.

I was inspired to learn about Wavy Gravy working to help out the people in Nepal. It’s astounding and horrible that the earthquake killed over 8,000 people. Hippies often get a bad rap of just caring about partying and getting high, but there is clearly more to Wavy Gravy than this.

There was a lot of idealistic talk by counterculture figures like Wavy Gravy in the 1960s about helping others and making the world a better place. It’s good to see that some of this is actually happening decades later.

Thanks to the guy Keith Mann for showing me this story. (Check him out on prnewswire)

Moderation or Myth?

David Roodman did not intentionally mean to stumble across this data when he had. His work on studying alcohol and geomagnetic storms were the only queries on his mind. Then came along the idea of moderate drinking and whether or not it does the body more good, or more harm. Recent years and numerous studies tell consumers that moderate drinking does the human heart well. Roodman stands to ask the question: is consumption of alcohol better than abstention? The author points out that there are no trials in the works to even suggest the benefits of moderate drinking. Any information on the subject comes from hands off observational studies that were performed by groups whose low credibility should not be trusted.


These trials were also established on conventional thinking and not randomized trials according to those at Amen Clinics. Roodman concludes that moderate drinking is in fact just a trend, much like some view Facebook. Any drinking, be it binge, moderate, or daily, all have negative health impacts. The studies on this are still in the works and numerous conclusive tests need to confirm or deny Roodman’s conclusions. For example, the metabolization of alcohol is not studied as much as it should be. Researchers still aren’t sure if women digest alcohol quicker than men. Even if studies were conducted to focus on that, it’s still unclear whether different types of alcohol affect men and women respectively. There are numerous variables in these case studies. Roodman has done his best to sort through them but knows there’s a long road ahead. His hopes are that his research can be a step in the right direction.