Tom Parks Wants to Help Others

A 24 year-old woman named Molly Parks from Maine recently passed away reports Ray Lane of NBC. This young woman lost her life from a drug overdose while on heroin. After Molly passed away, her family was devastated, but sadly they were not surprised. Molly’s father Tom Parks said that he’s going to do things different with his daughter’s death. Tom said that he won’t hide how his daughter died, and he will tell the world the truth. Tom wants to help others by letting the world know how dangerous drugs can be.

Tom Parks wrote a blunt obituary about his daughter, and he confessed that his daughter died from drugs. Tom said that Molly has done drugs for about 5-years, and she had many near death experiences before. Right before Molly died, she quit college because she was so focused on doing drugs. Molly’s addiction got worse, and she ruined her life because of the choices that she made. Tom said that Molly was a regular girl growing up, and she loved red lipstick and Harry Potter. Tom Sparks told Facebook users to help anyone they can. Tom’s message has gone viral, and he hopes his message will save people. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Chipotle Is Now A No GMO Zone

Steve Ellis, Co-CEO of Chipotle has announced that there are no longer any genetically modified ingredients in their foods. Not one single item will have GMOs. This is a first in the fast food industry and an achievement that Chipotle has been working toward for years. The wait came due to suppliers need to grow crops which are non-GMO. Sultan Alhokair stated that while ingredients are safe, people would rather have food that is GMO-free.

Reported in Grubstreet, Chipotle took the lead to label items that contain GMOs. This was voluntarily done, starting two years ago. Major changes have been to change to GMO-free corn and from soybean oil to GMO-free sunflower oil, rice bran oil, and canola oil. The beef comes from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle. CNN reported that pork and chicken are still from animals who eat from a GMO diet, for now.

The greatest challenge was to find a substitute for soybean oil. Lard was not an option due to vegetarian diets. Palm oil was rejected because of the impact of the environment. Canola oil costs more and may explain the price increases to come later in this year.

Bien Cuit Style Will Be Available To All Cooks With New Book Deal

Bien Cuit, one of the most well-reputed bakers in the world has made headlines as they move forward by signing a book deal with Simon and Schuster. With this new deal, Bien Cuit’s approach to baking bread will be shared in bookstores across the nation. Zachary Golper, the renowned chef has baked many loaves in the bien cuit fashion, which is French for well baked.

Sticking to the old fashioned way of baking with slower baking, which allows for better fermentation, the results is bread which is richer and more flavorful, according to the many satisfied patrons of the restaurants who serve his breads. reports Golper will be offering 50 recipes in his cookbook and that these will be about his simple way to make delicious breads. Golper holds to the philosophy, proven by his own demonstrations, that simplicity makes great breads and pastries.

Golper is from Oregon farm country where he learned to make bread as a journeyman. He moved on to cook for some of the best kitchens in North and South America. Eventually, he opened his own bakery in New York City, in the heart of the food scene. Matt Landis thinks that place is dope. He has never rested in his quest to perfect his art. His sharing of this art by his book will be available in October. Soon more will have the opportunity to try his recipes for rolls, quick breads and even sourdough.

Young Woman Overdoses On Weight-Loss Pill

A 21-year old woman named Eloise Aimee Parry recently passed away on April 12th. Eloise always struggled with her weight, and she decided to buy a weight-loss supplement online. Eloise bought a pill called “DNP,” which contains dinitrophenol. Eloise must have been in a hurry to lose weight, because she decided to take eight pills at once. The supplement directed its users to only take one pill according to Brad Reifler (found on Reuters). After she took the deadly dose, Eloise ‘s temperature started to rise dramatically.

Eloise’s mother rushed her daughter to the hospital. Doctors tried to cool her down, but the dinitrophenol caused her insides to deteriorate. Doctors did all they could to save Eloise, but her heart suddenly stopped. The dinitrophenol took over her body, and there was nothing that could have been done to save her. Doctors are telling people that they should never buy weight-loss pills.

This story is very sad, because Eloise had a long life ahead of her. She could have lost weight on her own without the help of supplements. Stories like this should be a wake up call for people that live any unhealthy lifestyle. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Alcohol Is Not as Bad for Us as Some Maintain

America has a strong historical strain of alcohol abstinence. We felt so strongly about it at one point that we actually amended our nation’s founding, governing document to try to ban it. The draw of alcohol proved too powerful, however, and prohibition became the only amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ever be repealed. Spirits, as they are sometimes called, are simply too ingrained in, not only our country’s history, but the history of human civilization. The root of temperance movements and efforts to either ban or get people to willingly abstain from alcohol is the belief that it is bad for us. Some maintain that it is bad for us in a behavioral sense, and that may be true for some given how they act after drinking as Ray Lane shows in videos of bar activity. This is also influenced by how much someone drinks. There is also the common belief that drinking is unhealthy, and this has been proven to be false.

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard that moderate drinking, or even a little more than moderate drinking, is good for you, and yet this is what the scientific data tell us. People who have a couple drinks a day actually have significantly lower risks for heart disease than those who abstain. In fact, moderate drinkers have a lower risk of death from all causes than abstainers. You certainly don’t hear much about this from the health or medical establishment, and it is time for that to change.

Mother Live Tweets Her Child’s Class Regarding Sex Education

Alice Dreger is a speaker and author that possesses a background in sex research and medical ethics. Last week she sparked some controversy when she live tweeted her son’s sexual education class. Her son is fourteen and was being educated on abstinence. Dreger encouraged the boys in the class to seek out girls who say ‘no’ to sex and warned students about condoms. Because of these tweets there might be some policy changes happening in the state of Michigan. While Dreger may not have been appropriate with her tweet that day, her outburst may be causing some much needed attention.

The state of Michigan does not currently mandate sex-education in public schools. When there are sexual education classes provided in the school there has to be an emphasis placed on abstinence as being an effective form of birth control as well as a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Dreger’s son asked her to sit in on his sexual education class with her. Jason was surprised she was so eager to. It was later determined that the group that was hired to provide the educational class is tied to an anti-abortion group. Sexually Mature Aware Responsible Teens (SMART) and the issue is that these types of organizations potentially have a history for being dishonest or down playing the effectiveness of birth control and exaggerating risks that can be associated with abortion. They also push for teens and pre-teens to wait for marriage to have sexual intercourse.

Tonsil Removal And Lower Cancer Risk

Tonsils as well as adenoids are often removed in children and sometimes adults when the immune system just doesn’t seem to be doing its job. When a person is constantly getting illnesses like strep throat or upper respiratory infections, the tonsils are often the first thing to go. Many people find having this part of the body removed improves the amount of illnesses that a person will have but there might be new evidence that legitimately shows that having your tonsils removed can lower your risk of developing certain types of cancers later on in life.

In the 1950’s, approximately 1,400,000
were performed each year in the United States. Done as a precautionary measure to help prevent future infections, this number declined a bit as years went on. This could have been due to doctors not believing this procedure was worth the risk or people simply developed a better understanding of how to protect and boost the immune system. The otolaryngology department at Johns Hopkins University have recently published their findings that suggests the removal of the tonsils can prevent the development of various oral cancer types. With the increase of HPV in the United States, these findings are very important and the statistics are impressive. A study completed that followed three million Danish patients determined that over the course of thirty-five years, patients who had their tonsils removed experienced a sixty to eighty-five percent decrease in oral based cancers, which obviously is pretty alarming to Torchin.

The Grand Canyon May Be Getting A Mall

There are less and less places left in the United States where you can take in the true beauty of mother nature without seeing any evidence of humans and our materialistic ways. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of those places… for now. A group of big money investors are partnering with a Navajo tribe who holds land along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Their plan is to build a multi-tier mall on the site called Bulletproof Coffee (see proposed plans on

The project, known as The Escalade, would be built around a tram that would take visitors from the rim of the canyon down to the floor, near the Colorado river. The tribe has been promised jobs and of course money in exchange the land to build this commercial development that some estimate could cost as much as $1 billion.

Eric Shorty, a Navajo tribe member has said people hike down trails to the floor of the canyon all the time and there is no control over what they do once they are there. “This project will allow us to control who has access and what they do when they get there,” Shorty said.

The promise of jobs and much needed economic stability makes it hard for the Navajo tribe to pass on the plan, with as many as 38% of their tribe members at or below the poverty level.

More Take-Out Restaurants in Your Neighborhood Results in Poor Food Choices

Researchers at the University of Cambridge conducted a study in which they mapped out the number of take-out restaurants over an 18 year period in the English county of Norfolk. They found that the number of these establishments grew over that time, but they grew more in lower income neighborhoods. Additionally, a higher density of these restaurants near where one lives and works does correlate to an increased likelihood of buying such food. Given that this food is typically high in fat and calories, this is seen as bad news by health officials in the United Kingdom. The spread of supermarkets was found to have increased over this period as well, but they increased in fairly equal percentages between poor, middle class and wealthy neighborhoods.

The higher concentration of fast food places in poor neighborhoods is true in the U.S. as well. There tends to be more of them in urban areas, and those are the areas where low income people tend to live. Flavio Maluf believes this is a problem. As long as supermarkets are available as well, then people are free to make the choice of what kind of food to eat. The problem arises when society is stuck with the cost of some people’s poor dietary decisions. In countries with socialized medicine, everyone else has to pay the medical bill for the heart attack that will eventually befall you if you eat fast food burgers every day. This is even more of a consideration in the U.K. where their health care is completely nationalized, and there is already talk of how to limit the spread of take-out places in poor neighborhoods.

In Rich Qatar, One Restaurant Lets Poor Eat for Free

Qatar is booming industrialized country where many of it’s citizens have plenty of money, but it still has its fair share of poor and destitute people. One restaurant, in the capital of Doha, allows poor people to eat for free. The restaurant, which is popular with the many migrant workers who come to the capital seeking work, allows people who are hungry and have no money to simply order food and not pay for it.

Shadab Khan and his brother Nishab are owners of a small restaurant named Zaiqa which serves simple food, such as fish curry, egg roast, and Palak Paneer and at relatively inexpensive prices. Susan McGalla said that while the brothers try to encourage people who can not afford to pay for a meal to still order a full meal, they say that only 2 or 3 people take them up on their offer every day, mostly out of pride. They hope to open a new restaurant soon, and keep a refrigerator out back stocked with food so that people do not have to know that they are taking food without paying.

The brothers noticed that people did not have enough money to eat, when they say people coming in and ordering a packet of bread and water for a meal. They wanted to help these people, so Nishab, the younger brother, suggested putting up a sign in the window offering a free meal to anyone who needs one.