Love Cures All

Just when she thought there was no hope, an elderly woman in a wheelchair is traveling around the world with her daughter. 42-year-old An Rong had noticed that her mom was suffering depression after an accident, so she decided to take her on a short trip to cheer her up. Little did she know just how much it would change her mother’s health for the better. Since that first trip they’ve been to Thailand, Korea, Japan, and even the U.S. where An and her mother was able to see the majestic Grand Canyon via helicopter.

Anastasia Date ( employees agree that the best news is that her mother’s health is improving. At 87 she is traveling with An, her sister, and her niece. It just goes to show that you are never too old to discover something new when love leads the way. Everyone could learn a bit about family togetherness from this group. For amazing photos of their trip check here.

Shacking Up Is Illegal In Florida


A committee of the Florida Legislature discusses a project that seeks to repeal part of an old law that makes it a misdemeanor for coexistence of a man and a woman under one roof without being married.

The law, which dates from 1868, prohibits “any man and woman who are not married to each other, partner and live together in a lewd and lascivious,” and is a second-degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by $500 or jail time.

Although Rep Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda said apparently this rule is not enforced recently decided to submit a bill, HB-4045, which seeks to eliminate this “sin”.

According to the representative, the way it is written the rule seems to determine that cohabitation of “roommates” is illegal stated Marcio Alaor BMG; even men and women not maintaining a romantic relationship and the elderly who live together to save costs.

The law is obviously outdated and not enforced, but it still should be repealed.

Is Discrimination Against Gays Going To Lead To Another Civil Rights Movement?

There was a time, not all that long ago, where minorities were discriminated against everywhere they went. Stores, restaurants, and so one either would not allow African-Americans into their establishments or, in the event that they did, stuck them in a bad part and provided poor service. Since the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s the Jim Crow laws were outlawed and equal rights became the norm. Now over fifty years later there is a new form of discrimination very reminiscent of the past. Homosexual individuals are constantly denied service at restaurants and at other facilities. Dan Newlin knows that there are not any federal laws protecting the rights of those of a different sexuality. In fact, a bakery in Colorado is currently under fire for denying a gay couple a cake order. Something as simple and harmless as dessert is showing the blatant hate that some feel towards gay people. It seems that regardless of one’s feeling for another’s choices that there should be the simple act of tolerance. Everyone is not going to agree with the rest of the world’s decisions yet to spread hate is equivalent to an infection of discrimination across out country. National legislation needs to be put in place to protect the rights of all citizens.

Reward Social Innovation Says Laurene Powell Jobs

Despite a well known aversion to public speaking, Laurene Powell Jobs took to the stage at Stanford Business School to give her take on some major issues, Forbes reports. The widow of Apple founder Steve jobs set out her own thoughts on a number of global issues and looked closer to home as she gave the assembled students her own take on how the next generation of social entrepreneurs should be rewarded for their work in the community.

Speaking with Stanford Entrepreneurship professor Thomas Byers, Laurene Powell Jobs set about inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs passing through her former college. Powell Jobs set the scene by giving a breakdown of her life and career so far, which included her current career choices as the head of a number of charitable foundations and think tanks. Powell Jobs is well known as the face of the Emerson Collective, which looks for ways to improve the world by thinking in different and imaginative ways; she is also involved with College Track, an organization designed to assist low income families as they send their children to college.

Amongst the topics discussed was the best way Powell Jobs thought social entrepreneurs could be encouraged to help the people of the world as the rewards in a monetary sense are so low. Powell Jobs asked the assembled audience to look outside monetary gain and see the high level of satisfaction that could be gained from working towards providing an improved community. A further idea included the opportunity for social entrepreneurs to be rewarded from the huge profits made on Wall Street by the biggest investment groups in the world providing a fund designed to provide economic assistance for those working with social problems.

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Hair?

How far would you go to save your hair during chemo treatments? There are many woman with breast cancer who are using an expensive and time-consuming treatment to keep their hair from falling out. Brad Reifler ( has read that the treatment involves freezing the scalp during chemo, and the popularity for it is growing in Europe. Women who have had it done say that it worked for them, and maybe the thought of not losing your hair when you are going through something as horrible as cancer could be worth the extra effort and money. If the treatment really works, then it would mean not having to wear a wig or hat, and not having to be embarrassed by the way that you look when you are going through chemo. Would you go so far as to freeze your scalp to save your hair? Would it be worth it to you if you had breast cancer and were forced to go through chemo? It might not be worth the effort and money for everyone, but if it truly works, it is a great way to give a bit of hope and joy through a hard time to the ones who want it.

The Dorchester Collection- Luxury With Its Workforce At The Heart Of Its Operation

The Dorchester Collection an operator of individual luxury hotels. The Dorchester Collection is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA). It was originally owned by the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, who first bought the Dorchester hotel and the Beverly Hills hotel in 1987. The current CEO is Christopher Cowdray, and the COO is François Delahaye. Helen Smith is the VP of Sales and Marketing, and the company has about 3,500 employees overall. All of the hotels they manage are either completely or partially owned by the Dorchester collection. The Dorchester Collection currently manages ten hotels. The hotels are:

  • Dorchester hotel in London
  • 45 Park Lane in London
  • Coworth Park in Ascot, Berkshire
  • The Beverly Hills hotel in Bevery Hills
  • Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles
  • Le Meurice in Paris
  • The Plaza Athénée in Paris
  • Le Richmond in Geneva
  • Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan
  • Hotel Eden in Rome

Most of the hotels have restaurants and some of them even have spas, enriching the already luxurious experience of staying at one of these hotels. On July 1st, 2014, Dorchester Collection won four awards at the HR Excellence Awards, including the best HR team, outstanding employee engagement strategy, and the prestigious Gold Award.

On January 28, 2015, the Dorchester Collection was awarded the Investors in People ‘Company of the Year’ award at the Employee Engagement Awards. This award is presented to the best businesses throughout the UK and Ireland, specifically businesses that nurture an engaging working environment. Recently, it was announced that the Dorchester Collection will be a Challenge Provided for the 2015 Young Hoteliers Summit. As such, the Dorchester Collection is the main partner of the summit. They will present the delegates the Creativity Challenge, and the delegates will then work on finding solutions to this Human Resources issue.

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Creating A Crisis Of Conscience

Kansas and Nebraska And Colorado Sheriffs Say State Law Is Against The Constitution

In another world, not this one, lawsuits would have to pass a test that shows they are worth the time it takes to file them. The fact that sheriffs from three states are trying to sue the state of Colorado for passing Amendment 64 is a good reason for the test. That amendment legalized recreational marijuana. The lawsuit is ridiculous, and it is also a waste of time and money. 

The lawsuit asks the court to strike down that amendment because it creates a crisis of conscience. The lawsuit says the state has pitted itself against the constitution, and it has also put other states in an economic free-for-all. Sheriff Daniel Amen called the suit a “constitutional showdown.” He claims he doesn’t know what law to follow. He works for Colorado, but he also serves under the U.S. Constitution. He also says every law enforcement officer is asked to violate the country’s law by abiding by this Colorado amendment. 

Sheriffs in Nebraska and Kansas joined the suit because they are arresting more pot smokers. One county in Nebraska arrest record has increased 400 percent because of the Colorado law. The only way to stop those arrests is to legalize marijuana in those states. The federal government has to make that decision by taking pot off the Schedule I drug list.

Getting Away From The Sugar Craze

Everybody seems to have a sweet tooth at one time or another but the World Health Organization has just released a new set of guidelines that suggest the world is eating far too much sugar. The guidelines outline consuming only five to ten percent of their overall calorie consumption. This does not include the natural sugars that you will find in fruits, vegetables and milk. Those sugars are actually good for you in moderation and they have their own set of nutrients. What should be avoided is soft drinks, refined sugars, candy, cakes, cookies and more.

The reason for this new set of guidelines is because of the high percentage of overweight and obese people living in the world today as Reuters has stated. Maintaining a sugar level of less than 10 percent each day reduces the risk of packing on too many pounds and it also decreases the risk of tooth decay. People who consume large amounts of sugar are also at a higher risk of dying from a health condition related to the heart.

This means that people who currently allow refined sugars into their daily diets will have to slash their sugar intake by approximately two thirds. This can be difficult for some people as there is actually a withdrawl period when cutting back on sugar. People can experience mood changes, weight changes, headaches and more. In the long term aspect of things though, a person will feel healthier and have more energy if they cut back on the sugar.

Are You Nuts Over Your Heart?

Recent research published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that individuals consider consuming peanuts as a means towards reducing the risk of mortality associated with a heart attack. The research study, conducted by the Shanghai Cancer Institute and Vanderbilt University, focused on low-income, individuals, hailing from a vast array of racial backgrounds. Nearly 200,000 individuals, of African, European and Chinese descent, participated in this study.

Though there have been prior studies linking peanuts with lower mortality rates, those studies were associated with high income, Caucasian individuals. This is the initial study that suggests that every race, Caucasian, Asian and Black, can enhance their heart health and cardiovascular health through the consumption of not just peanuts, but other types of nuts also. Nuts are nutrient dense, with fiber, amino acids, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids and demonstrate anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative factors which contribute to a healthy heart.

Peanuts are cheaper than nuts from trees and are most accessible to purchase for individuals of very race and socioeconomic up-bringing, hence it offers a more cost effective means towards optimum cardiovascular and health, from what Maquina do Esporte had suggested.

Research data in this study were assembled from observational epidemiologic studies, and hence a definitive, conclusive assessment that peanuts contributed to a reduction in mortality rates, but co-author of the study, William Blot, Ph.D., believes that the results from the study are promising and serve to reinforce results from prior peanut-heart health studies.

Treatments of Endometriosis

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition in which a tissue similar to the endometrium, for some reason, tries to align itself somewhere beyond the uterus such as the ovaries or the fallopian tubes. In rarer cases, it’s been known to be found on the bladder or bowels. In even more rare cases, they’ve been known to travel throughout the body into the limbs, etc.

Every month the normal tissue builds up, breaks down and sheds into the form of menstrual blood. The displaced endometric growths on the contrary don’t have any such outlet. This results in all sorts of health challenges from internal bleeding to bowel issues. The condition affects 6.3 million girls and women in the U.S. alone. Currently, the causes are still largely inconclusive but there are some theories, such as that some of the menstrual tissue, for some reason, backs itself up before it can be shed out through the menstrual blood.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometriosis

Endometriosis usually requires three stages of testing before it can be conclusively diagnosed. The first is a simple clinical examination. The second involves the first stage of the biopsy use of a screen visual through a laparoscopy-a fiber optic instrument that is inserted through the abdominal wall in order to view the organs properly. The final stage is the microscope examination. MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging) and a CT (computerized tomography) scan may also be included.

Treatments of Endometriosis vary according to how mild or severe your symptoms are.
If your symptoms are mild, simple pain medications may be the answer. However, their effectiveness is still quite limited and often helps to show how the displaced tissue causes pain. The other milder treatment is hormone therapy such as the birth control pill; progestin or progesterone pills, injections or pills. A couple of other forms are medications that temporary halt the release of certain hormones to prevent further growth such as GnRH (Gonadtropin releasing hormone agonists).

Aside from the laparoscopy, two other surgical treatments include the laparotomy and severing of the pelvic nerves. The laparotomy involves the simple removing of the larger endometric patches. In more severe cases, you may need to have a partial or total hysterectomy. However, it’s not a guarantee that the displaced tissue won’t show up again as it’s known to do so in about 15% of women.

Severing the pelvic nerves can be done in two ways-presacral neuroectomy or the LUNA (laparoscopic uterine nerve ablation). The former involves simply severing the nerves connected to the uterus, which tremendously helps to relieve pain. The LUNA, on the contrary, involves severing the nerves connected to the ligaments in the uterus. However, it has been found to be effective at relieving the pain only temporarily.

Dr. Tamer Sekin

Dr. Sekin has over a decade of experience in dealing with endometriosis and their associated conditions such as infertility. As a result, he considered to be a well-regarded expert in the field of endometriosis surgery. He and his staff ensure that you are well-informed on your condition and the treatment procedures that you are about to undergo. He and his staff do everything possible to put an end to your pain once and for all.