Three Quick Super Bowl Super Foods


The Super Bowl means many different things to many different people. For some it’s a time for families and friends to get together to enjoy a favorite American pastime tradition of raw unadulterated sports violence. For others, the enormously expensive and witty corporate commercials are the clear draw. Then there are those of us who focus on the food.

Super Bowl Sunday is a chance to let dietary inhibitions fall by the weigh side. Even online polls show people’s love of foods such as pizza, hot wings, nachos and barbeque. To that end, we gathered a short list of quick Super Bowl worthy treats from Slow Ventures you can cook up in no time to enjoy during the game:

Velveeta Cheese Dip – Brown breakfast sausage in a skillet. Add in the sausage along with 1 diced block of velveeta cheese and a can of Ro*Tel diced tomatoes into a crock pot and slow heat until melted.

Pigs-In-A-Blanket – Roll up fully cooked cocktail wieners into 24 triangles of Pillsbury crescent dinner roll dough. Bake at 375 degrees for 11 to 15 minutes.

Cinnamon Kettle Corn – Add 3 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and ¾ cup of popcorn kernels in a cooking pot. Cook on high-heat, shaking until the popping starts. Once finished season with salt and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.

White Castle Lands In Las Vegas


The popular fast food chain, White Castle, has finally broke ground into Western territory. Yesterday White Castle opened a restaurant on the Las Vegas strip, and according to an article on GrubStreet, some of the patrons waited up to three hours to get the chance to place an order.

Sergio Lins Andrade stated yesterday the White Castle fan base known as “Craver Nation” found out about this new location opening up in Las Vegas about six months ago. Since then people in Nevada and surrounding states made their plans to be up in Sin City for opening day, January 28th 2015. Some people even drove up from as far as Arizona to get a taste of the famous little burgers that everyone loves late at night. After all, the next nearest White Castle location is 1,665 miles away in Missouri.

It might be a stroke of genius for the company to get some real estate in Las Vegas, since it is known to be one of the cities that is in operation almost 24 hours a day. Thousands of visitors flock to Vegas each year to test their luck at games of chance, see concerts, and bar hop on the glittery strip of lighted buildings. This is a great way to tap into those customers who find themselves craving some of those delicious little burgers, because it just might be the perfect late night snack. The Vegas White Castle is open 24/7 and set up right under the world’s biggest Denny’s.

Best Winter Soups


If you love a hearty bowl of soup in the winter like me and my friend Zeca Oliveira, Grub Street has put together a list of soups from New York restaurants that you may want to try. hassome tasty and healthy soups that can make a cold day just a little better.

The cabbage hot pot from Dirt Candy is filled with lots of vegetables and protein. You can add bean sprouts, fermented black beans fresh herbs to the soup. The smoked cabbage and ramen made from cabbage and kale is packed with vitamins and minerals and the meal is both hearty and light.

The Little Beet Table makes a white bean and kale soup that you may want to try as well. The vegetarian soup has a tomato-based broth and two types of white beans for a full flavor that is savory and satisfying.

For more great soup restaurants, check out the Grub Street website.

Susan McGalla Delivers Good News For Women In The Workplace

Did you realize that women make up nearly half of all workers in the market these days? However, the executive positions are made up of under 15% women. This is a problem that Susan McGalla believes needs to be addressed. She has some solutions to pass on to women that may help them to do better in their professional careers.

First, she says that higher education is still something that women should focus in on. She believes that the value of higher education very much outweighs the cost that one has to put out in order to get themselves through college. Higher education opens up more opportunities for those who are serious about advancing their careers. It is the first step that one should take if they want to do well in the business world.

Confidence is helpful for all people in the workplace. Women in particular should try to exude as much confidence as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of management will not take women seriously if they are not putting off a confident vibe. Women who show that they are confident in the job that they do can in fact advance higher in their career. It all starts by showing off that level of confidence.

The glass ceiling should be ignored by women who want to do well in their work world. It is something that exists, but behaving as though it does not exist may serve women better. By pretending that there is no glass ceiling, women are able to advance higher in their career and potentially get those executive positions.

These are great tips that can help women (and others!) to see a better way forward in their career. Susan McGalla hopes that all who read her words are able to do better in the workplace than what they were before.

Something You Can Learn From Jonathan Veitch’s Career

In Los Angeles, in the year 2009, Jonathan Veitch became the president of the Occidental College. He also is the author of books. They are the Politics of Representation and the American Superrealism: Nathanael West. His other accomplishments include being the dean of the The New School’s Eugene Lang College (offering leadership for the liberal arts division undergraduate program), and he was a professor at the At the New School’s Eugene Lang College, he was a teacher of history and literature. His standing in these fields was an associate professor. While he was the New School’s Eugene Lang College he was the chair of humanities also.

When he was at Occidental College he created a fantastic relation with the community. Since there were problems with concerns about increasing the college’s space in the neighborhoods, he worked diligently to correct these problems and repair the community’s indifference to the college. Since his efforts paid off, the college is better respected than ever before because he used his knowledge and expertise to increase awareness of the necessity of the schooling that it will give to people that are interested in learning.

His personal life consists of his wife, Sarah and three children. They live with him in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House which is right on the Occidental College’s campus so that he can continuously watch the progress of the campus. At their residence they enjoy a wonderful life that they can enjoy to the fullest extent.

Jonathan Veitch was born in Los Angeles in the 1959. At Stanford University he received his bachelor’s degree and later he graduated from Harvard with his doctorate degree in the History of American Civilization. His education has given him the ability to proceed throughout his career and create a successful leadership position with the Occidental College. He studied American Film, cultural history and 19th- and 20th-century American literature.

Christopher Cowdray: Hotel Executive

Christopher Cowdray is a highly successful hotel executive who has been involved in leading the hospitality industry for many years.

Cowdray is a native of Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa. He earned a college degree in the area of hotel management before coming to the United States where he entered the famed Columbia Business School. At this Ivy League university, Cowdray graduated from the school’s executive program, a degree that helped give him an advanced understanding of the needs of the hospitality industry.

Upon graduation, Mr. Cowdray further honed his skills in this field by serving in various capacities in hotels around the world. He has spent time working at hotels in places such as Australia, Asia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. During his time as hotel manager, he has become a Fellow of the important Hotel Catering Institute Management Association as well as a Master Innholder. He has also taken the time to share his knowledge of the hotel field by becoming an honorary Professor at Thames Valley University.

Cowdray’s leadership potential has been repeatedly recognized as well as his skill in this area. In the past decades, he has held major positions with several hotals that are highly respected. These hotels have included a stint as Managing Director of Claridge’s in London and General Manager of the Al Bustan Palace Hotel. He has also and served as the Chairman of the prestigious and highly influential British Hospitality Association.

In 2007, Mr. Cowdray assumed leadership of the Dorchester Collection. This is a group of hotels that strive to provide luxury accommodations of various kinds for travelers around the world who want the very best in hotel services. Mr. Cowdray was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the company. In this capacity, he has sought to improve the brand and help develop new Dorchester properties as well as continue to provide Dorchester customers with the kind of luxury they have come to expect when staying at any Dorchester hotel. In 2013, Mr. Cowdray was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for accomplishments in this field. The award was presented at the European Hospitality Awards. His peers recognized him for his achievements in improving the hotel community with his leadership of the Dorchester collection.

Bruce Levenson: Successful Businessman and Generous Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson has completed his undergraduate education at Washington University in St. Louis. Shortly afterwards he enrolled in American University where he earned a law degree. His academic accomplishments attracted the attention of many employers. Soon he was offered a job at the Washington Star, Washington’s newspaper of record that ceased its operations in 1981.

While working for the Washington Star, Bruce Levinson wrote many cutting-edge articles. This solid journalistic work has earned Bruce a more lucrative job at Observer Publishing, where he was a senior writer who created articles on a vast number of topics, including banking and energy industries. This led to his increasing interest in these highly lucrative industries – an interest that would culminate into a company he would call “United Communications Group”.

He co-founded United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977. The other co-founder was Ed Peskowitz. They started it in Levenson’s apartment, back in Maryland, where the pair was living at the time. At first their company specialized in oil industry news. But soon the duo expanded into other areas of journalism. Besides expanding their coverage, they also acquired other newsletters. Soon UCG became a significant force in the media landscape. It launched numerous databases and provided data to technology, healthcare, and mortgage banking industries.

Success of United Communication Group led to many opportunities for Bruce Levenson. One of them was a company called Atlanta Spirit LLC. This company was formed by Mister Levenson and other like-minded businessmen to help fund an acquisition of the Atlanta Hawks, a professional basketball team that was controlled by Turner Broadcasting. Success of United Communication Group has also helped Bruce Levenson create TechTarget, a media company that delivers online content and offers brand advertising. It operates more than one hundred websites for technology professionals. These websites offer targeted advertising. It drives marketing success of many technology companies.

Bruce Levenson is still involved in the daily operations of UCG, where he leads company strategy and helps find new companies to acquire. He is considered one of the most respected individuals in his field. But his hard work at UCG is just a small part of what he does. He is also involved in a number of philanthropic organizations. He helped such important philanthropic organizations as the Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington. He also helped found U.S. Holocaust Museum and was a president of the Washington division of I Have a Dream Foundation.

Good-Bye High Gas Prices

If you drive on the roads in the United States, then you might notice that gas prices are at the lowest point they have been in years. This is a good thing because drivers are saving about $2 billion each week on gas. When you don’t have to spend $40 to fill up your car, you can spend that money on other luxuries, like taking the family out to eat or a new pair of shoes. Lower gas prices help everyone, not just the drivers. Some people find that they travel more when gas prices are lower, and they will often travel longer distances. As Gianfrancesco Genoso of knows, it’s been about 14 years since gas prices have been as low as they are now, but those prices could change at any time. All it would take is a hurricane or another natural disaster to come through the country to make prices increase.

Feel Safe With Your Investments When You Trust in BRL Trust

There are many companies that are willing to take your investment money and try to get you high returns. Many of these companies fall short of meeting these demands. When you entrust your investments to BRL Trust, you can be assured that your money is in the best of hands and working as hard for you as you do for it with this Brazilian investments company.


This investment company was developed in 2005 providing services concerning private loans. The success of this company was quickly realized with Intervening Trust in over 100 loans in the first year of operation. The success of this company allowed them to expand to meet the diversified needs of their clients. These business changes created new business directions with the addition of Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Capital Markets, Mergers, and Acquisitions. These areas were added while being able to keep them separate and prosperous.

Trustee Services

The services that we offer our clients are reliable and safe. They have the Assets Control System to track, control, monitor, and collect loans. The SCA monitors over 300 companies located in different sectors. BRL Trust boasts a portfolio of over 20,000 clients. We have also completed over 500,000 receivables transferred to collectibles.

Control of Funds

Our company provides solutions to the control and custody of the services that are associated with investment funds and investment management processes. We are authorized by CVM (Securities Commission) to provide solutions for custody, reconciliation, control, and cash settlements. We also offer the controlling services of shareholders, redemptions, and investments. This also includes asset pricing, agency reporting, taxes, payments, information, reports, and the profitability and calculation of shares.

Asset Underwriting

This service is devoted to raise funds for use in such undertakings as investment funds quotas, receivables in real estate and agribusiness, and debentures in agribusiness.

Funds Administration

This notable company has the authorization to act as an investment funds manager by the Securities Commission. Their success is evident with their current count of 95 funds with the NAV. These funds are currently worth over 18 billion dollars.

Asset Management

The professional team at BRL Trust are highly trained in the area of managing their client’s funds. These investors include local as well as worldwide investors. The management of these funds is made easy by the management team that creates solutions to meet the needs of the investors. Each investor is unique and we treat all funds on an individual basis.

If you are looking for a company to handle your investments, funds, and settlements, it is essential that you hire a professional team of investors to get you the return on your money that you deserve. Their top of the line service and unmatched quality keep this investment company on the top of the heap among the sea of investment managers. To assure that you are getting the most out of your investments it is wise to trust in BRL Trust company to manage and control your funds.

Something That Sets North American Spine Apart

I went to North American Spine, so I can definitely speak about this.  But I wanted to let people in need know that there’s something that works.  Chiropractics doesn’t have to be a craps shoot.

If you have recently seen a doctor, and they have determined that you need back surgery, you do have several options. Gone are the days, where doctors have to open up your back with a big incision, and try to fix the problems that you have. With the advancement in technology, there are minimally invasive surgeries that can be performed, in order to give you back pain relief. The AccuraScope Procedure requires only putting a small incision into the back, in order to perform surgery, as well as diagnose the true reason for your back problems.

This type of surgery is a benefit, as it can cure the sufferer of their back problems, as well as allow them to heal very quickly after the procedure. The whole point of getting back surgery performed, is to get relief from the back pain, and to get back to a regular life as quickly as possible. Here at North American Spine, They specialize in a minimally invasive surgery, and can help you get your back, neck, or spine pain under control, or cure it for good. Many look forward to getting back to normal, after suffering from back pain for months, or even years.

There are many different reasons why people may suffer from back pain, but one of the biggest reasons, is because of the lifestyle of the person. If you work a particular job that requires a lot of stooping, bending, or lifting, you may be putting your back at risk. If you lift loads improperly, and lift with your back, instead of your legs, you are putting strain on your back. Continuous strain of this type, can eventually cause you to have pain, or worse, you may get a herniated disc, or other very painful back problems.

Depending on the severity of the problems you have, the pain can last for days, weeks, or even months. Some people put off seeing a doctor, and will suffer for years from back problems. Not only is it a bad idea to live with back pain for a long period of time, it’s also not necessary. If you have insurance, there are many different ways that you can help to fix your back problem. If surgery is something that is terrifying to you, don’t be afraid, as the minimally invasive surgery is a better alternative, to the back surgeries of the past.

If you truly want to get rid of your back, neck, or spine pain, and feel better than you have in a long time, come to North American Spine. Too many people suffer from back pain, and most people call out of work due to back pain problems. Those with back pain, account for the second most common reason for admittance to a hospital, and this is very troubling. Your back is used for everything that you do in your daily life, so you want to take the best care of it. If you have back pain, contact North American Spine today.