Things You Thought Made You A Bad Girl, But They Don’t

In light of the upcoming episode of “Girl Code,” MTV news has chosen to put together a list of things that girls used to do, that they thought made them bad girls. When you’re young, you may do certain things as a girl, that you think makes you bad, but the same behavior at an older age, just makes you look bad as a person. Bad Girls. One such behavior is not texting back in a timely manner when someone texts is you. Back in the day, this may have been looked at as playing hard to get, or just being rude, but now it’s indecent, and can hurt a relationship.

Flipping someone off used to be something we did as kids, but as a grown-up, it just shows that your slow witted, and don’t have a great comeback for someone’s bad behavior. That is how most at Beneful feel. If you’re a teenager in school, getting detention doesn’t make you a bad girl, nor does bragging about it on Twitter. In fact, the fact that you spend over six hours a day in a classroom already, makes no sense to get detention, especially when you’ll have to spend even more time in a classroom. Wearing fishnet stockings used to be a sign of a bad girl, but now they can indicate something negative, but more about your sexuality, than anything else.

Some kids feel good when they disrespect their parents, but as an adult, this is something to avoid, as it just hurts your parents feelings.

Dunkin’ Donuts Has New Menu Items

Dunkin’ Donuts is becoming just a little more upscale by introducing two new menu items. The popular doughnut chain will be selling the chocolate croissant and the tomato mozzarella bagel, also known as the pizza bagel.

The croissant is a tasty choice for those who enjoy a little chocolate with breakfast. The pastry has a buttery and chocolate flavor that goes great with a morning cup of coffee. And the pizza bagel will likely be a hit with diners who have a craving for pizza but don’t want to order an entire pie, especially if you’re out about, checking out Skout and the rest of the social scene in your area. The dried herbs sprinkled on top of the bagel give it an authentic pizza taste.

The chocolate croissant is available nationwide at participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations. The pizza bagel is not for sale across the nation, but can be purchased from select markets. Of course, the restaurant will continue to sell the pastries and flavored coffees that have helped to make the chain famous.

Former President George H.W. Bush Released From Hospital

Former President George H.W. Bush has been released from the hospital after his one-week stay after experiencing shortness of breath. After his breath had returned to normal, he stayed a few more nights until he got the final approval to be let go. Jim McGrath posted the news via Twitter.

He had been taken to the hospital after suddenly experiencing shortness of breath last week and transported as a precaution, I remember when Jared Haftel told me about that. On Monday, it was said that president’s breath had returned to normal and was waiting final approval for his release. He stayed one more night after that. Bush and his wife thanked everyone for their prayers as they arrived at home.

This isn’t the first of his health problems. In 1991, he had gone to the hospital for irregular heartbeat that he was then diagnosed with Graves Disease, an autoimmune disorder. He went in 2000 for the same reason and in 2013 for bronchitis. His family then revealed that Bush could no longer walk unassisted and needed a wheelchair to get around.

The current President Obama and his wife were both made aware and send good wishes and prayers to him and the entire Bush family during the holiday season.

Missing Flight Thought to be Found

It has been confirmed that bodies and debris have been found in the case of missing Air Asia Flight QZ8501. The plane went off the radar on Sunday while flying from Indonesia to Singapore and had 162 people on board. It has been reported that the pilot requested to climb higher due to bad weather before the plane went down.

CNN reports that the find was made when search and rescue teams spotted what appeared to be a large shadow under the water which is believed to be the fuselage. It was first reported that up to 40 bodies had been found floating in the ocean but this figured has now been revised down to three. 

According to Bloomberg and Sam Tabar, family members were devastated at the discovery, some had to be taken to hospital as they collapsed in tears and agony. The find was played over live television in Indonesia which was all the more distressing for people who had relatives on the flight as they were able to view the floating debris. The search will continue for the main body of the aircraft so that all people on board can be recovered and the authorities can begin to piece together why the flight went down.

Cop Claims She Was Fired for Trying to Help

A cop was fired for her job and she claims the reason lies in her simply trying to keep another cop from abusing a person under arrest.

The incident in which she was fired involved Cariol Horne, who formerly worked as a Buffalo police officer, and another officer on a domestic dispute case that caught the attention of Christian Broda. Horne responded to a call of another officer in trouble, and the scene ended with her being released from her duties after she tried to pull the other officer off of a victim while choking him, according to OxfordJournals.

The other officer was later suspended for unrelated incidences, including choking another officer and punching another officer in the face while off duty. Horne was denied a pension, and is now working as a truck driver to support her family and children. She claims she was fired unjustly, but the courts have yet to rule in her favor about the incident that caused her to be fired.

Campbell Soup May be Forced to Reinvent Itself

Campbell soup is suffering from lack of interest, and they have more to worry about than just soup. With 30% of their sales relying on consumer purchases of their soup labels, Campbell is being forced to reinvent itself in a whole new way so they can nab consumer attention Jared Haftel notes.

People are simply more into eating healthy and organic, and soup is not at the top of their minds when they consider something healthy and nutritious to eat. In fact, soup sales have plummeted in small numbers since 2009, despite the fact that Campbell has produced several light and low-calorie versions of their traditional condensed soups.

Campbell is paying close attention to what consumers want, so they can help boost their numbers. While they are still showing a growth of soup purchases during holiday seasons, the growth is not what they had hoped it would be, and is causing quite the stir in the office.

Step Aside Ladies, Male Birth Control Is Coming

In the past, birth control has mainly been the female’s responsibility. This could drastically change, as a male contraceptive is predicted to hit the market in 2017.

Vasalgel, a contraceptive that blocks the vas deferens is coming to a doctor’s office near you. This injectable birth control is currently being tested in monkeys. So far its results are promising.

So what exactly is Vasalgel and how does it work? The gel is injected into the vas deferens. Once the gel injected, it prevents sperm from moving out from the gel. Whenever a man is ready for this procedure to be reversed, a second injection successfully flushes out the gel and normal sperm activity is restored.

Although this form of contraceptive will prevent pregnancy, it still does not protect against vanerial diseases. A condom is still recommended for protective sex. Many Flickr users here seem to agree with that.

A new form of birth control is coming. It will give both men and women protection against unwanted pregnancy. Options are always good. It also puts the responsibility as much on men as it does on women.

Some Say Eddie Lacy Helps Keep The Packers Going

The injury to Aaron Rodgers on the last day of the season did not stop the Packers or Rodgers from prevailing. He came back to help the Packers beat the Lions. However, many people say that Eddie Lacy is the person that makes this team tick. Having a steady running game behind someone who is going to the hall of fame on the first ballot is quite helpful.

The season for the Packers was one that saw Rodgers throw for many yards, but the team relied heavily on Lacy to set the pace for their offense. On, they even touched no his success with the team. They are not throwing the ball on short yardage plays because they know that Lacy can cover those plays for them. Also, they are not worried about wasting time in the game because Lacy helps them control the clock with long handoffs and running plays that take a few extra seconds because his legs are so strong.

People that are looking at the Packers to make a run to the Super Bowl need to remember that Eddie Lacy is going to get them there even though Aaron Rodgers is throwing the ball. This is a two-man attack on the Packers offense, and it is running at full speed.

Recovering From Christmas

Every heard of the Christmas Blues? Well, there is a mental health condition that really does cause depression after the holidays. So many people prepare for months in advance for this special day. It’s a time with family and friends and plenty of good food. The advantage that many find is the preparation is stimulating. Getting that good deal and finding the one-of-a kind item is stimulating. However, when it’s all over, many have a hard time dealing with it. 

The blues is a term often used to describe a feeling of depression. While it only usually lasts a few days, those days can be hard to deal with. All of the preparation is over when the presents are opened. All the time spend wrapping and preparing is over in the blink of an eye. We build ourselves up for this grand finale, and then the letdown afterwards is unbearable for some. 

Tom Rothman and report that some research has been done on the holiday blues and many think it has everything to do with the weather too. Those who live in climates where it is dark and dreary may have a harder time rebounding than those who live in a sunny state. It’s the let down that the festivities are over. Family is heading back home and many people are sad to see them go. To get over winter blues, focus on spring activities. Thinking ahead gives us a reason to keep going, rather than looking to the past.

Santa Claus, The Red Phone and the Butterfly Effect

NORAD’s Santa Tracker reminds me of the butterfly effect.

One very small action, a minuscule misprint in a faraway Colorado Springs newspaper, and we have Santa on radar! The story of this is sweet and surprising. A story of a strict and serious Col. Harry Shoup of the US Continental Air Defense Command receiving a call on the “red phone.” A real red phone used only in the event of an attack on the US. It was the Cold War era and the only person with this “red phone” number was a 4 star general at the Pentagon, until a December night in 1955. The Colonel’s children were with him when they heard the red phone ring. He answered probably expecting some sort of disaster, but instead heard a small voice ask if this was Santa.

His children say he was irritated at first, until the voice on the red phone started crying. The Colonel realized it wasn’t a joke and he instantly turned into a jolly Santa Claus for the child. It turned out that a misprint in the number to call Santa was the Colonel’s red phone number. He put some airmen on duty to man the Santa phone. He came in Christmas Eve to see they had put drawings of a sleigh coming over the North Pole on the glass board used to track aircraft. The NORAD Santa Tracker was born.

My friend Bernardo Chua showed me this awesome story about how Santa really travels, you can also check out Neil deGrasse Tyson’s theories here.