Meatless Butchers Have Arrived

Odd things are upon us. Proof in fact, we will now have the first ever meatless meat shop. A brother and sister team in Minnesota have announced the grand opening of their butcher shop. It is one that will not serve meat.

The shop is an extension of a stand that the two have run for many years out of a local farmer’s market. The brother and sister team have labored long and hard to raise their ‘seed’ money of over 50 thousand dollars in order to offer a vegan friendly meat product that all can enjoy.

Among some of the many products that one will be able to find at this shop include:

  • bologna
  • ribs
  • pepperoni
  • italian sausage

One will also be able to find a variety of cheeses, marinades, and breads. The duo will offer fresh varieties of meatless meats to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

The much anticipated opening of the brick and mortar store has not been set yet. Although it is promised that with the turning of the new year, the store will be open and ready to take on a whole new and expanded clientele. The brother and sister team are presently finalizing the needed documents and supplies for their store, and Sultan Alhokair would like to visit at least once to check it out. They also hope to raise an additional 10 thousand dollars in order to offer shipping to places outside of Minneapolis and the toe world market.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Gets Heart Stent Installed

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, age 81, underwent surgery earlier this morning to install a stent in the right coronary artery of her heart. The aged justice, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton just over 20 years ago, has long been rumored to be in declining health and a possible candidate to step down from the high court. In the months leading up the midterm elections, there were calls by there were calls by progressives that she step down in order to have the president replace her with a similarly minded liberal justice while the Democrats still controlled the Senate, but Christian Broda points out that the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim at this point.

It was not to be. Mrs. Ginsberg loves serving in the high court and has no intention of stepping down as long as she can fulfill her duties 100%. In an interview with Elle Magazine two months ago, she explained that the revised Senate rules for limiting the confirmation of judicial nominees does not apply to the high court. So even if she were to stop down, the current boundaries in the Senate (IE the GOP) would ensure that no likeminded justice could replace her.

As for the operation, it came about quickly. The justice was exercising Tuesday night when she starting feeling discomfort. She decided to play it safe and went to the hospital. Doctors discovered her right artery was experiencing blockage. Early this morning she had the stent placed in her artery. She is said to be resting peacefully at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and should be home by Friday.

Protests in Ferguson Fueled By Decision

Only a couple months after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, a grand jury has given their decision. The police officer, Darren Wilson, is not to be brought against any criminal charges in the case. He was deemed not guilty on any counts from manslaughter to first degree murder.

The decision has been expected for the last week, and the governor braced for the impact by declaring a state of emergency in the area. Protests have been raging for months, since the shooting occurred. With an expected retaliation, police presence in the community has been stepped up including deploying National Guard to protect the peace.

Those protesting think this shooting is a representation of the oppression and brutality that they live with every day. This killing, of an unarmed teenager, serves as an example to the rest of the nation of the fear and aggression that plagues their community.

The protests have been visited by many influential leaders of anti-discrimination campaigns and minority rights activists. The teenage boy’s father called for peace and calm in the wake of the decision’s announcement, so many like Flavio Maluf worldwide have respected that. However, protests were fueled by the decision, beginning with a few hundred people gathering in the community to voice their disapproval. Overnight, the protests turned to riots as police cars and buildings were set on fire, stores were broken in to and police officers were pelted with bottles and rocks.

Can Yogurt Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risks?

Yogurt certain tastes good as most people who eat a serving once or twice a day will tell you. Honestly, even those who might have previously been put off to trying yogurt because it is a health food are pleasantly surprised when they try out a serving.

Yogurt can claim bragging rights for being more than something that just tastes good. Yogurt could provide a potentially excellent means of cutting down on the body’s risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

The Harvard School of Public Health, a rather credible venue, has revealed the results of a study that suggest the risks of Type 2 Diabetes could be lowered through increasing one’s consumption of yogurt.

The study showed those who consumed yogurt were at less of a risk than those whose diet include other types of dairy products.

In a way, this is shocking because yogurt is known for having a high sugar content, according to what Genoso has read about in the past. Honestly, the quality of the yogurt is going to play a role in whether or not you are exposing your body to high amounts of processed sugar vs. reasonable amounts of natural sugar.

Purchasing your yogurt from a store known for selling natural and organic products is recommended. Also, stay away from low-grade brands that offer really little more than nutritionally dubious sugary snacks under the guise of being healthy yogurt.

If you are going to eat healthy, then really eat healthy and avoid excess sugar.

Why Is McDonald’s Struggling?

How is it possible that McDonald’s, the vast fast food empire, is struggling? In America there are McDonald’s restaurants everywhere and they always are full of customers.

McDonald’s sales have been slumping for a number of reasons. Wendy’s has taken a bite (I promise not to make another pun like that for the rest of this article) out of their profits. Wendy’s food is seen as more healthy by customers. The recent rise in awareness on what is healthy has been damaging to McDonald’s.

Possibly the worst thing to happen to McDonald’s is the colossal flop of their “Mighty Wings”. These enormous chicken snacks were given a huge promotional push. Customers did not buy them, and all those millions of pounds of chicken went to waste.

The minimum wage debate may also be hurting them, at least in the eyes of Susan McGalla. McDonald’s is seen as a business that pays poorly to employees who work extremely hard. When people go picket and demand a $15 minimum wage, they do so in front of a McDonald’s.

To try and right the ship, they have launched an ad campaign featuring one of the “Mythbusters” guys. Their mission is to dispel rumors about the unhealthiness of their food. One main goal is to convince people that their chicken nuggets are not made of “pink slime”. As a kid I was told there were bug eggs in McDonald’s hamburgers. Apparently that is false, too.

It could just be a sign of the times. Americans may be choosing more expensive food that is healthy over cheap food that will shorten their lives.

A Fun Way to Meet People on the Internet and In Real Life

The internet makes meeting people from around the world easier than it has ever been. You can make new friends from out of town, out of state or even from the other side of the world.

One of the greatest failings of the social media scene, however, is how hard it often can be to actually meet up face to face with the friends you chat with everyday online in the real world. It’s hard to go to the movies with your friends who live in 5 different states. It can be even more frustrating when you want to meet up with your online crush for a date.

Luckily, there’s an app for that! The Skout app is the perfect combination of a social media platform and a dating site. It lets you chat and flirt with people in your area, whether you are at a game, shopping at the mall, traveling on vacation in Europe or wherever you may be. You can chat, make new friends, have impromptu get togethers or even get a date all wherever you happen to be. According to the company, users from over 180 countries are using the app.

Skout has a handy GPS locating feature for its adult community that shows your approximate location and the approximate location of other Skout users in your general area, so you can make friends whereever you go. You can also choose to opt out of the GPS option if you simply want to chat with people without showing where you are. Skout has instant messaging capacity for those private conversations and even the option to send people virtual gifts.

If you are traveling to some place new and want to hang out with new people, there’s a Skout Travel paid premium feature that lets you do that, too. The most fun thing about getting to know new people on Skout is the spontaneity of the different kinds of people you’ll encounter, unlike on many dating sites where the main goal is meeting people within a very narrow spectrum of type and background.

They also just recently launched a new app called Fuse. It’s very much like Snapchat in that all messages disappear after 3, 5, or 10 minutes. The Fuse app integrates with your Skout contacts, and you can download it right here for no cost.

Skout also has an easy to use, familiar Facebook-like interface (see some screenshots here), so navigating it isn’t a problem at all. There are easily recognizable features such as comments and optional avatars too. There are even more premium features you can unlock, by buying points for a small fee, that let you see who has checked out your profile or who added you to their list of favorites, and the ability to send out mass greetings to people. You can earn points too, by inviting your friends to join Skout or by downloading apps from them as well.

Another really fun feature Skout feature is the one called Shake to Chat. Simply shake your smartphone and any Skout users in your area, or from anywhere in the world, who also have the feature will receive a message alerting them that you are available to chat. It’s a great way to meet interesting new people.
So while it is true that the internet can be a dual edged sword that can draw you together with people who live far away, it doesn’t always have to be. With the help of fun social networking and dating programs like Skout, you can use the internet to be social in your own home town, too.

Miss Honduras and Sister Found Dead

Miss Honduras, 19 year-old Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister, Sofia, were discovered to have been shot to death on a remote river bank in Santa Barbara.

Alvarado’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, confessed to murdering the two women in a jealous rage after a heated altercation in which the beauty queen was accused of dancing with another man.

Ruiz shot Alvarado twice in the back, then shot sister, Sofia when she attempted to flee the scene. They were buried them near the spa where they had been said to have disappeared from. Ruiz lead investigators to the bodies where an accomplice had dumped them in a remote area of the mountains.

Her body, wrapped in brown plastic was loaded into the back of a truck within hours of her flight to London to compete in the Miss World pageant, the highest point of her reign as Miss Honduras.

“We had her gown ready and her traditional dress costumes,” said television personality Salvador Nasrallah. Nasrallah had encountered Alvarado when she modeled for his television show X-O Da Dinero.

There’s an interesting piece in Scribd that Lee Lovett showed me, which explains how this death of the raven haired beauty queen is a prime example of the violence outbreak on women in Central America. Fueled by poverty, human trafficking and street gangs.

The Alvarado’s mother, Teresa Munoz, spoke out about her daughters in saying that they were both very naive and very trusting of others. Munoz also added that the women were friendly and didn’t care who they went out with.

Mother Charged for Torturing Children

Lakechia Stanley, who is said to be a 34 year old mother of 2 daughters, was charged and convicted with 34 felonies for torturing and doing abusive acts to her children. This is ostensibly due to not doing what they had to do in time. 

Little is known about the mother’s current mental state, but it is suspected that she had been abusing drugs.

This would not has been revealed if the eldest daughter had not complained about a pain that was ripping her arm apart, which in turn made the school doctor take a look on the arm that sensed cold and hard.

The daughter complained that she faced the rage of her mother to be hit with a baseball bat, which caused her to suffer such pain. She deserved this kind of punishment for not doing the cleanup for the kitchen fast enough.

The daughter also reported her sister was punished with the same means for not taking a shower quickly. The mother was charged of 34 felonies including waterboarding and hitting her daughters with electric whips. 

Kenneth Griffin, a father himself, feels sympathy for the children involved in such a heinous act. Punishing kids is a very important parental issue but reaching the stage of hitting them, not to mention the dare of being tortuous would undoubtedly be crossing the line. After these felonies she was charged to a sentence of 74 years. Her husband was also sentenced last year for 120 years for committing such acts.

National Guard Called Awaiting Ferguson Trial Results

On 17 November 2014 Missouri Governor Jeremiah Nixon signed an order calling up the National Guard in anticipation of unrest following the grand jury’s decision. Governor Nixon stated that the primary group for handling protesters will be elements from the Missouri Highway Patrol, St Louis County Police Department, and the St Louis Metropolitan Police. The National Guard recently joined in the planning effort with the civilian agencies.

The grand jury has been in session for the past few months hearing evidence about the 9 August shooting involving Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. Officer Wilson fatally shot the unarmed Michael Brown during an arrest. The grand jury is a used to determine whether or not there is enough evidence to move a case forward to the trail process. Grand juries hear evidence presented by the prosecution and can subpoena witnesses to testify. The grand jury process is held in secret in order to allow jury members to remain sequestered from the public. A jury trial will hear evidence should the grand jury decides to indict.

Unrest is anticipated by Governor Nixon and the Ferguson police. Protests and riots followed the shooting of Michael Brown in August and any decision reached by the jury is expected to provoke some kind of response. On a scale from 1 to 10– 1 being Bruce Levenson and 10 being stright up slavery– this ranks pretty high as far as racial controversies go. St Louis Mayor Francis Slay portrays the move to mobilize the National Guard as a secondary role to the local police agencies.

Really Fresh Meat Markets

Really Fresh Meat Markets

A recent article on Grubstreet: Meet Your Meat: 4 Live Markets That Remind You What You’re Eating highlights specialty markets where you purchase live animals for groceries. 

While the practice is more popular in other countries and only certain areas of the US; in upscale Manhattan you can purchase live ducks and have them butchered on site. Some markets specialize in religious dietary guidelines which for some cultures require the head and feed to be intact.

Proponents of purchasing live meat state flavor and taste as significantly better than over the counter grocery fare. Another plus is reassurance about the origin of meat and how it has been handled. Meat such as goat, turkey, lamb among seafood specialties such as crab or lobster are the more common fare. 

At least one family friendly market in Queens encourages the children to feed the livestock and pet the goats while waiting for dad who is in the rear of the store with the butcher. Not exactly something Laurene Powell Jobs or any other American would like to explain at the dinner table!