Should Drug Treatment Centers Focus on Self Control?

Many recovering addicts suffer from transferring the high that they receive from their favorite drug or drink onto another habit, such as eating. Most recovering addicts are personified as chain smoking coffee drinkers. However, many move to a sugar high to stimulate their brains for a somewhat familiar boost.

For more information please try this website. Treatment centers are beginning to focus on holistic avenues of teaching healthy eating and grocery shopping skills. However, other experts feel that the priority is eliminating the drug use, and the addict can focus on weight loss issues at a more convenient time. Some experts report that relapses can occur when a person finds their self miserably overweight. Rehabilitation centers should attempt to focus on the element of self-control, so that their patients do not turn into shopaholics or become morbidly obese. Additional coping mechanisms are a beneficial feature of any program.

Treating the addiction should include locating the source of the problem, as well as pinpointing the aspects that lead the individual to chase a constant high. That’s only logical, and people like myself who have battled addiction can tell you that the road isn’t easy. But with the help of great friends like Alexei Beltyukov, anything is possible.

Law Enforcement Takes Medicine From Epileptic Children In California

The one thing I’ve learned about law enforcement and the judicial system is that they destroy pretty much of everything that is good in this country. This time, they’ve destroyed the marijuana crops of Susan Schindler on her 120 acre farm in Mendocino County, California. The cops dropped in covered in camouflage and equipped with fully automatic weapons to seize the cancer survivor’s weed.

More important to the story though, she was growing a specific type of dope that was being used in epilepsy research. Her plants were rich in CBD, which is a non-psychotropic element that is used orally to treat children who suffer from epilepsy. So now they’re taking medicine from children. This woman should be given an award, not a gun in her face. Guess we should all just move to Brazil with Fersen Lambranho.

Though Schindler was not arrested, her hard work was destroyed. To me, that makes no sense. They come in like air cavalry in Vietnam, destroy her farm, and just walk away. Shouldn’t they at least try to charge her with some fines to help fund their campaign? No, just let the taxpayers flip that bill. Keep in mind, she is a legal medicinal patient in the state of California. What is this world coming to?

Jeb Bush “Sneaking Around Campaigning?”

It would be nothing new in the world of politics, but Jeb Bush simply has appeared of late like one who is gearing it up for an eventual Presidential run in 2016. His father and brother have already mentioned that they think he would be a great candidate, and just recently, he was suspiciously down in South Carolina (the first Southern state in the GOP primaries) campaigning for incumbent Governor Nikki Haley who looks to be on the road to another term. In a private session with donors, he was asked about his Presidential aspirations. He gave the expected response that he would have to think about it longer and would decide after the holidays (and mid-terms), but everyone knows that candidates have often secretly decided long before that time and that this routine answer is traditional political etiquette.

Jeb Bush made history in Florida, becoming the first Republican to win two full back-to-back terms in that state in 1998 and 2002. He won, respectively, by a whopping 55 and 56 percent. Whether or not he was a “good” Governor will generally depend on whom you talk to- Democrat or Republican, but no one can dispute he did well at the election booths.

With several candidates already quietly jockeying for position (J. Bush, M. Rubio, R. Paul, T. Cruz, etc.) and with the GOP base seemingly so divided on what kind of candidate they would prefer, it should make for an interesting primary in 2016. The Bush name would seem to be a liability these days, but then again, association with Obama doesn’t seem to help much either, and if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton as Keith Mann forsees, it is hard to see how Obama’s former Secretary of State can fully escape that association. Another Bush-Clinton contest? It could be. If Jeb does run and wins, it would be an unprecedented “family dynasty” of three Bushes in the White House, but the world will have to wait and see.

Expect More Avengers: Age of Ultron Footage

When a trailer leaked for Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, many expected that was the most we would see of the movie for some time. However, Marvel has confirmed that there will be more Age of Ultron footage in the coming weeks. Footage from the movie is set to air on ABC during the next two episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

By linking the Age of Ultron footage to Agents of SHIELD, Marvel is attempting to prop up a show that has been wavering over the past few weeks. Agents of SHIELD has undoubtedly improved from its freshman episodes, but it has not grabbed viewers in the way that Marvel expected.

The show is not in danger of being cancelled any time soon, but Marvel would like the ratings to be higher. Adding footage from their upcoming Avengers movie seems a great way to get people to tune in.

Marvel had originally planned to air the full two and a half minutes Avengers trailer during Agents of SHIELD, but that plan was ruined by the trailer leaking online. They will compensate for his with new footage, which is expected to be a minute or two at most.

After the success of the first Avengers movie, Marvel had a licensed to up the ante for the sequel. Expect the movie to be around two hours of non stop action and drama and Jared Haftel and I can’t wait! Along with being a great movie, Age of Ultron should set the scene for future Marvel movies.

Your Physical Fitness Regimen Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

You know that you can’t do anything about your chronological age. No one has found the mythological Fountain of Youth yet or a magic pill that grants immortality. However, research has found that your fitness regimen can have an impact on fitness age. In other words, take care of yourself when it comes to the right kind of exercise, and you could have a predictor of longevity that has nothing to do with your age. Staying fit and active can give you much better chances of sticking around for the duration. It’s true that a body in motion will stay in motion.

It’s All About Cardiovascular Fitness

The best indicator of your overall health is related to your cardiovascular endurance. Your body’s ability to make the best use of oxygen is key. When your heart is strong and continues to work at maximum capacity well into your advanced years, it will help you to keep all systems on go. In order to achieve this goal, you need to dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to eating well, you need to include physical activity in your daily routine. Choose the right kind of workout, and you could be well on your way to knocking at least a decade off of your chronological age. A combination of yoga, cardiovascular training, and sculpting can truly have a positive impact on your lifespan. I train five days per week with Mike Livak and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. You also need to include activities that give you true enjoyment.

Fitbit Flex: Easy-to-Wear Activity Tracker Technology

Activity trackers are everywhere. If you’re thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, there are plenty to choose from. The Fitbit Flex is one of the better known versions and every so often, Fitbit comes out with a new type of technology. The Flex seems to be the most popular at the moment.

The technology in the Flex bracelet is teeny – the rubber bracelet is simply a comfortable way to carry it with you. The Flex and the bracelet are both water-resistant (keep in mind that “water-resistant” is not the same was “water-proof), which means you can take a shower with it.

Five LED lights show your status and progress toward your goal – every light represents 20% of your goal. Once you hit your goal, the lights blinks and the Flex vibrates in celebration. There are various goals the smartphone and computer app can track, and you can choose which of those goals (distance, activity time, calories, steps) your Flex shows.

By tapping the Flex, you can see how far along you are. There’s also a sleep setting, during which your Flex tracks how much time you spend asleep and restless – it’s a great way to determine your ideal sleep schedule. Believe it or not, Jared Haftel uses this on his dog! See if you can spot the tracker.

While the Flex syncs with your computer, it’s even more seamless when you sync it with your iPhone – if you have an iPhone, there’s practically no reason to ever use the computer app.

To compare various activity trackers, visit this handy NY Times guide.


Who Knew? Molly Ringwald Writes, Sings, Eats and Drinks

I’ve long been a fan of Molly Ringwald. Being close to her age that she was in her heyday, I thought that movie and Pretty in Pink spoke directly to me back in my young angst driven days. Now, I’m in my angst filled middle aged years, and I lost track of Molly because I don’t watch much television or movies. When I saw an article about her on Grub Street, I was surprised to find she’s a jazz singer as well as a writer. The article is Molly’s daily diary while she was in New York getting ready for a singing engagement at Carlyle’s in Manhattan. After listening to her cover of Simple Mind’s Don’t You Forget About Me, I wish I could be in the audience.

Her diary largely consists of her food intake and the places she ate during a week with Marnie Bennett that started in Venice, California and ended up in New York. One thing’s for sure, the girl gets around.

She also lamented the fact that, even though she’s given the popular bourbon Pappy Van Winkle a lot of word of mouth publicity, she still hasn’t received a bottle from the folks at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Wow,even Molly Ringwald can’t get Pappy Van Winkle.